Alarm at Google Yahoo partnering

Regulators in the US are being urged to investigate any potential online advertising and search partnership between Google and Yahoo. The call by a coalition of 16 American civil rights and rural advocacy bodies comes despite the fact no firm deal has actually been announced.

"We all suffer in such mega mergers," Gary Flowers of the Black Leadership Forum told BBC News.

The justice department is examining a trial the companies did in April. It has been widely reported that it is looking into the anti-trust implications of last month's two-week test. However, the department says it has no comment on the coalition's demands because there is no definitive agreement between Yahoo and Google at the moment. But reports say that the two companies are presently hammering out the intricacies of a future potential advertising and search agreement, and are sharing their plans with antitrust regulators.

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I guess antitrust laws are a good thing, although they don't really with amoral actions, they are necessary.

So, it's fine when Microsoft want to take over, but when it's Google, it's suddenly a problem?

I wonder if any of these "concerned advocacy bodies" have any kind of relationship with MS.

Because if MS buys yahoo then it can be called as "expansion" or "diversification", instead if google buys Yahoo then it's called "monopoly".

(Magallanes said @ #2.1)
Because if MS buys yahoo then it can be called as "expansion" or "diversification", instead if google buys Yahoo then it's called "monopoly".

Really? I thought MS were looking at buying it to improve their Live services, including Live Search.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other, at least the way I see it.

Its bad to give more power to google to control all the online world - too much of our privacy data will be used by google , i dont understand why still they have "make no evil" as motto! ;-)

(C_Guy said @ #1.2)
Ha ha ha ha you've got it all wrong. Their motto is "Do mo(re) evil". And they live by it every day.

I get it. So basically, take everything said about Microsoft's evil monopolistic ways and pin it on Google.

I actually agree with you. Google is as evil as MS, they're just much less annoying because they don't break people's PCs or stuff them full of craplets.