Alienware + Stardock Partnership

In what must surely seem a match made in computer heaven, Alienware, the leading manufacturer of high-performance computer notebooks, desktops and professional systems has formed a partnership with Stardock, the world-wide leader in the development and distribution of software that customizes the Windows PC desktop.

Under the terms of the partnership, Alienware will pre-install Theme Manager from Stardock on all their new systems. Theme Manager allows users to change the Window's visual style, icons, wallpapers, in short the entire appearance of the Windows desktop with just one click. Alienware users will be able to choose from a special Alienware theme, a second theme that celebrates Alienware's new line of ALX computers and of course the default Windows XP theme. Additional new themes will be made available for Alienware fans as either free downloads or for a small fee, depending on the theme. Users will also be able to buy additional Stardock customization products.

News source: FileFront

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The whole bloat thing is just bizarre.

So Windows XP with Luna isn't bloated. But change the visual style to somethign else and it magically becomes bloated?

In the bigger scheme of things, there's nothing bloated about visual styles and skinning. Heck, my last Dell came out of the box with so much crap being loaded into my system tray that if it didn't hide most of them my system tray would be bigger than my taskbar!

It's a pretty cool partnetship, if you think about it. Alienware has always been redesigning what a PC case should look like and Stardock has always focused on changing what the desktop looks like.