All U. S. Microsoft Store locations to give away Windows Phones this weekend

Microsoft is offering a way for people to get their hands on a free Windows Phone device, but only if they live near one of the over 80 Microsoft Store retail locations in the U.S.

The official Microsoft Store Facebook page has announced that all their locations, both the full size retail stores and the smaller specialty spots, will give away eight Windows Phone devices on Saturday, May 3rd. The stores will do the exact same thing on Sunday, May 4th.

Exactly how the phones will be given away is something of a mystery. The Facebook page states that the winners will be picked via the "Opportunity Rings Instant Win game" but exactly how that will work is not revealed. The page also doesn't offer any info on what Windows Phone products will be given out as part of this promotion. We have contacted Microsoft to find out more about how this promotion will work and will update the post if and when we get a response.

This new marketing effort will launch just over a week after Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services division. As a result, the company has now become the single largest maker of Windows Phone hardware products. This new promotion is one of the first small steps in getting the public used to the fact that Microsoft is now a full smartphone company.

Source: Microsoft Store on Facebook

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