All My Movies v5.3

Bolide Software announced today a new version of All My Movies, a well-known movie collection organizer program.

All My Movies lets you easily import movie details from an online movie database. You can add DVD details manually by using UPC/EAN barcode information, and the software is flexible with file formats. You can quickly search your database via several database fields. Also, you can export your movie collection to HTML format. You can capture snapshots directly from your DVDs or AVI files and save them to your database.

New version 5.3 adds export movie collection to PDF support and ability to assign a video file to each episode of TV series.
Also some minor bugs were fixed.

News source: Bolide Software
Link: movie organizer official page
Download: Download (6,4 MB, 30 day trial)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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I've been using windows notepad.exe file since around 2006 (file size at 130kb).
700+ Entries are written in the following format (most recent titles at the top):
Movie Title (year released) [foreign title if applicable] Link-To-IMDB

Who really wants to acquire another program to retype ALL the information (ok, so you can import from databases, can you import movie titles so you don't have to type them out, too?) into a new database?

I tried All-My-Movies a few years ago, before I jumped on the notepad train. I got sick of entering titles (open a menu, create an entry, type it into a box and click save or import db info) and relying on the auto-database to retrieve movie info. Sometimes it wouldn't get the box art, other times information would be incomplete, or no connection at all.

Who knows, maybe they've changed the entering method on this updated build. At this point I'm not willing to re-enter 700+ titles. Perhaps someone who doesn't have a movie-filing system yet would give'er a try.

lflashl said,
crap website, no thanks!

No one is asking you to buy the website....

However, I agree that a well-made site is more likely to encourage people to part with their hard-earned cash.