All versions of Microsoft's Surface tablets getting firmware updates today

If you own any of Microsoft's Surface tablets, you will be getting an automatic firmware update today. That's the word from Microsoft's newly updated support pages for all four hardware products. As you might imagine, the bulk of the updates will be made for the newest versions, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

The Surface 2 tablet's firmware change log states that the update will fix an issue that was causing its screen to dim if its CPU was working under "intensive" conditions. The update also decreases the charge time for its batteries, improves the video quality of its Skype app, optimizes the use of two fingers on its trackpad and adds more support for external displays. Finally, the Surface 2 update will fix a problem that was causing restart issues when Bluetooth devices were connected.

The Surface Pro 2's update history shows that today's firmware download will also improve two finger support on its trackpad. In addition, the update offers improvements in "system stability, including when minimizing full screen games." The Surface Pro 2's Wi-Fi driver has been updated for "improved wireless display and connectivity with wireless access points." The tablet will have better interaction with its Cover attachments, "including power-saving sleep functionality." All apps that run on the Surface Pro 2 will get color fidelity improvements. Finally, there should be some audio enhancements when the tablet is connected to a Display Port 1.2 device.

The original Surface tablet (also known as Surface RT) will get a Home Button driver improvement in its firmware update today that will "optimize available system memory" along with an audio device driver update made to enhance trackpad sounds for the Type Cover 2 accessory. The Surface Pro gets an firmware update if it is running Windows 8.1. It will have a new Wi-Fi driver for an "improved wireless display experience."

Source: Surface, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 support pages

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How about an update for the Surface RT Wi-Fi driver? That's the only hardware component left on the device that still performs poorly.

Hope this fixes the battery issue I'm having with my original Surface RT - leaving it on standby still drains the battery after a two days.

Whats the deal with the 'power' keyboard for the Pro 2? I forgot if they announced a release date yet ?

I'm seriously concidering a Surface Pro to replace my desktop PC as soon as it get a little bit more portable. I hope size and weight are a focus point for Microsoft for de Surface Pro 3. If they could bring it to that of the Surface 2, I would be already very happy!

It is VERY portable already. My Pro is not 'heavy' or 'bulky' or anything like that. In fact I like the weight to it, it does feel flimsy at all.

Studio384 said,
I'm seriously concidering a Surface Pro to replace my desktop PC as soon as it get a little bit more portable. I hope size and weight are a focus point for Microsoft for de Surface Pro 3. If they could bring it to that of the Surface 2, I would be already very happy!

I tried replacing my laptop with the Surface Pro, thinking I'd find some deficiencies and switch back... Well, I'm still using the Surface and haven't turned on my laptop in months. I'm planning on upgrading to the Surface Pro 2 so I can get 8G of RAM, but frankly, even the 4G of RAM has been fine for 90% of my work. Highly recommended.

kravex said,
Hope this fixes the random shutdown, hibernate or dim screen when you close the keyboard cover.

yeah, I'm amazed it isn't getting more publicity. There are literally hundreds of threads all over reporting this problem and no tech site has picked up on. It's literally a top conversation in most surface forums.

So nothing to fix the spontaneous reboot issues in the Surface Pro 1 that have occurred since the last firmware update and upgrade to 8.1? Many are reporting it, but deafening silence from Microsoft about the issue.

neonspark said,
MSFT should let you download these via links. windows update is slow to propagate.

You can manually check for updates.

Dot Matrix said,

You can manually check for updates.

yes, but they don't show until whatever server you hit, is set to deploy them. MSFT does these staged rollouts to prevent disasters, yet people should be able to just get the update even if they don't hit a server set to distribute updates yet as long as they understand the price of being first may be a bit of pain.

So nothing to fix the sound issue on the Surface 2 or the video_scheduler error? Disappointing.

Edited by Figure 8 Dash, Dec 10 2013, 5:54pm :

Lamp Post said,
What issue is that? The sound one, I mean.

Sound is much lower than the original Surface. It's also tinny, scratchy and will frequently "pop." Then there's the issue of songs getting quieter during playback. Some of these issues can be alleviated by turning off "Enhanced Sound" but still more needs to be done. There's a big thread about it at the Microsoft Answers forum. It all points towards a software issue so hopefully it's fixed soon.