All Windows Phone developers can now reply to user app reviews

Windows Phone developers everywhere can now respond directly to user reviews of their apps, after Microsoft announced general availability of the feature. The company had previously launched this facility exclusively in the US, and only for reviews posted from Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices. 

As The Next Web reports, the feature is now available for all developers via the Dev Center. Simply select the Windows Phone Dashboard in Dev Center, choose one of your published apps, and select 'Reviews'. You should then see an option to respond to reviews directly. 

There are still some limitations though - while developers will be able to respond to any reviews sent by Windows Phone 8.1 users, they will only be able to reply to reviews submitted from Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices with Country/Region set to the United States. 

Microsoft warns that when responding to reviews, developers should avoid "any marketing content or ads" in their replies. It also advises: "Don't include any profane, aggressive, personal or malicious comments in your response. Always be polite and keep in mind that happy customers will likely be your app's biggest promoters."

Microsoft also says that it "doesn't get involved if there are disputes between developers and customers", but it adds that the company "retains the right to revoke a developer's permission to send responses for any reason." 

Microsoft also announced that it has expanded availability of PayPal as a payout method for Windows Phone developers in five new markets - Cyprus, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Malta and Russia - bringing the total to 41.

Source: Microsoft via The Next Web 

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So when I read reviews on the Windows Phone site I'll be able to know wether the app really has issues or the bad review was just written by some bitter kid who couldn't change his Whatsapp wallpaper.

This is a really nice system. Not just to get actually issues adressed but also to avoid unnecessary bad reviews. I often see someone reviewing an app with 1 star for an invalled reason. Such as a feature missing while its present but not in the place they looked for it.

With Windows 8 and Windows Phone, when a user moves to do a review, he should be prompted by the store software to contact the developer, if he has an issue. If the user says OK to the prompt, he should be automatically taken to an email client, with the developer's email address in place as the recipient of the email.

What would also be nice, is if there is a link that is always available in the review section, to the developer's comments.

Or it could be handled through the store with a separate link that says "Contact Developer" instead of opening an email, it would open a form, that when the developer opens the store on his end will get all the responses in a nice feed.