Allchin retires from Microsoft as Vista ships

After 17 years with Microsoft, Jim Allchin retired from Microsoft as of Jan. 30, 2007 – the day on which Microsoft officially released the Windows Vista operating system to consumers.

James (Jim) Allchin served as co-president of Microsoft's Platforms & Services Division from September 2005 until his retirement. In that position, Allchin shared overall responsibility with Kevin Johnson for the division of the company that includes the Windows and Windows Live Group, Windows Live Platform Group, Online Business Group, Market Expansion Group, Core Operating System Division, Windows Client Marketing Group, Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, and the Server and Tools Business Group. Kevin Johnson remains as lone chief for the Platforms & Services Division.

I met Jim a few of times in the States, mostly at Featured Community summits where he had invited a select group to discuss ideas for Vista over lunch or dinner, and try to get feedback from people like us that represent the community. I remember telling him how important I thought this move was over previous versions of Windows.

Jim was totally open and committed to turning the development of Vista around when he got on board in September 2005. I think a key factor of development was to bring on many more people and involve "the average Joe" and I believe that we can thank him for that.

Kevin Johnson now leads Microsoft's Platforms & Services Division, I hope when the time comes he will take what Jim has shown and offered us as an important step towards shipping a Windows Platform not only geared towards business & enterprise solutions (Johnson has a Sales background at Microsoft) but one that home users will really feel comfortable using.

Jim is a nice guy and I'm sure I speak for many people that he will be missed at Microsoft and at events that Neowin attends in the Featured Communities summits.

View: Jim Allchin Bio @ Microsoft

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Thanks for listening to us from time to time. It has made all the difference between the first pass of Vista and this released version. Shame MS won't listen to us on anything else. I hope that will change.

best to you

I think it was an internal thingie he went to, instead of the big cheese one in NY, perhaps a retirement party or something? Either way good luck to him, im sure many would agree his input was invaluable to the vista development.

Agreed - Vista might not be what Longhorn originally set out to be, but Allchin seems to have turned it into what quite a lot of people want - a relatively solid OS (this is by MS standards, of course ;)). It might be a bit bloated, it might not be perfect, but in general it seems to work. Good work Jim, and good luck for the future.

Esvandiary said,
but Allchin seems to have turned it into what quite a lot of people want
Well just imagine the balls it would have taken for him to half way through the projects development have the final say in the decision of moving the entire codebase from an XP based system to 2003, ensuring another 2 years of development losts funds and hundreds of hours spent programming it. ANy person that can make a decision like that that late in development deserves respect. Yes the project wasnt working as they expected but he could easily have taken the route of "lets keep trying".