Alleged Software, Movie Pirate Turns Himself In

Step one: The MPAA and BSA investigators allegedly purchase pirated materials from a 31-year-old Pennsylvania man between last November and January.
Step two: The investigators contact local police about the purchases made from Robert Uss, of Reinholds, Lancaster County.
Step three: East Cocalico Township police obtain a search warrant for the suspect's parents' house.
Step four: One week later, Robert Uss turns himself in.
Step five: 10,000 pirated discs of software, games, movies, and music are recovered.

Uss was charged, under Pennsylvania laws, with trademark counterfeiting and copying recorded devices. He was arraigned before District Justice Nancy Hamill and taken to Lancaster County Prison and placed on $10,000 bail. Uss faces up to seven years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines if convicted on the charges. No estimated value of the pirated software has been released. Uss operated from his basement using a single computer and two disk duplicators. "My understanding is that he's been running this operation for some time. Our goal is to stop piracy at its source," said Elizabeth Kaltman, communications director at the Encino, California-based MPAA.

News source: PC World

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Shadowdruid said,

Um...10,000 discs is not just "some" discs. Its actually quite a lot.

However, I do agree with what you are saying.

One has to look at the situation though, 10,000 discs; that isn't just a 'casual amount' obtained with a little swapping between neighbours and the odd download here and there.

For the the amount he had, it tells me he must have been more than just that, a casual copier; he was a 'king pin' in regards to a pirating operation.

In New Zealand, 90% of the time, they'll ignore a person who has a couple of copied things; their greater concern are those who are selling copied cd's and dvd's down at the local markets on Saturdays and Sundays - this guy is a distributor, that is the reason for the harsh sentence.

Like I said, if it were just a couple of cds; worse case scenario, diversion, possibly some probation with community service.

I agree, 10,000, while not huge, is a lot of pirated material. He was not simply just trading this stuff, he was actually SELLING it and yes possibly a distributor. I don't see anything wrong with jail time for these kinds of scenarios.

yes he stole alot of stuff, but seriously....


community service or something would be a much better approach.

"a 31-year-old Pennsylvania man"
"obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s parents’ house."

HIS PARENTS HOUSE?!? anyone else notice that

He not only stole stuff, he was selling it...Selling pirated software/movies is a big no no......and I doubt he will be in the jail with "murderers and rapists" most likly he would end up in a "White-collar" prison which is for fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, scammers.... stuff like that

this really bugs me, being a drink driver, getting behind the wheel and killings someone gets less, same for child abusers. just a bit of an imbalance here in the UK, not sure about the US though.

I strongly disagree with selling pirated material.
Sure, pirate things for your own personal home use, but you shouldn't distribute it, ESPECIALLY for a price!! :O

A family just got busted in my city a few days ago for pirated DVD's they were selling in their little corner store.

Here's how stupid they were. They would have them sitting directly on the counter for everyone to see My mom asked me one day "Didn't King Kong just come out in theaters?" I said "No it comes out next weekend" and she says "Well the store down the street has it for 20 dollars"

On the news they showed about 6 huge boxes (crates almost) and it looked like each box probably had thousands of the slim DVD cases in it. They also busted them on some weapons charges and they'll most likely get busted for drugs because dealers were known to sit outside the store or even inside the store and deal drugs. The store would also sell cigarettes to kids.

I'm glad they finally got busted. It happened on Thursday I believe it was and the FBI have been down there everyday searching through the place. The family also sold them from their home and owned another store where they sold them from as well. Immigration has also been around because one guy came from Jordan, two others came from Morroco and a fourth guy got busted on just a weapon charge and he's from Palestine I think they said.

rm20010 said,
Oh, I see people do that all the time here - leaving pirate DVDs for sale on counters.

Over here people are smarter....a totally legal looking shop but you just have to know which ones sell pirated goods and go in and ask. Then they ask you to wait for a few minutes whilst some guy goes to the emergency stairways and takes your cd out from like an air vent or whatever..

I don't see why people pay for pirated stuff...all they are doing is supporting criminals and I think thats worse than just downloading it for your own usage. At least your not profitting from it.

Step six: ???

Step seven: Profit!

Though whoever would SELL piracy deserves to be put in jail just for being an idiot. But does this means those Adobe Photoshop--ONLY $99! email's will stop entering my junk mail box?

wow, 10k copied CD's... he must of have a crazy indexing system to find what he wanted!

and stopping him from selling them should at least lower retail software prices one dollar, right?

or do people selling that stuff not really have anything to do with how expensive software is?

Makes sense. It's like being caught with 10 kg of cannabis. You're hardly going to get away with saying it's for 'personal use'.

I think the MPAA with all that efficiency (and that super ubber stategy) should start hunting terrorists and drugs dealers...

That smart arse comment might of been remoltely amusing if you had realised that the population of the planet is ~ 6 billion, not one trillion.

Samboini said,
That smart arse comment might of been remoltely amusing if you had realised that the population of the planet is ~ 6 billion, not one trillion.

HAHAHA and yeh only like 1-2billion have computers with internet [or prob even less than that]. And im pretty sure only 50% or less of those people pirate software.

What does any other thief learn in prison?

Just because you don't agree with the prices of an item or a corporation that sells those items is no reason to steal their stuff.

obsolete_power said,
What does jail do to pirates?? Huh? You tell me why they insist on crowding up the jail cells and spending my tax money on some boob that decided his **** don't stink and was holding a pirate operation. Instead of spending tax payers' money on pathetic excuses like him, jails should be reserved for REAL criminals like murderers and rapists and con artists etc. People like him should be given a good beating, a hefty fine, some community service and kicked to the curb waving him goodbye and I'll probably see you again in the near future! Jail wont solve anything because as long as piracy can tecnically be done by anyone and usually is very private, it wont take people twice to think about it. It is a lot easier to get away with piracy than it is with murder or rape or credit card fraud.

I would like you to spend 10 years of your life in jail and then come out and tell me what jail does to pirates. For your information, pirating software is just like stealing any product.

Would you go out and steal a ferrari because you can't afford it? Would you go and steal any product for that matter?

And you think piracy is something very private yeh..did you know your ISP stores logs on everything you do on the internet. If theres a law that will force ISPs to give up their logs then its not very private anymore is it?

There have already been cases where pirates are caught because of their ISPs giving out their logs to the RIAA or whatever.

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