Amazon also lowers Toshiba HD DVD Player Prices

Toshiba isn't going down without a fight. As previously reported, TigerDirect dropped its price of Toshiba’s third generation 1080i-capable HD-A3 and now Amazon seems to have done the same. Toshiba's A3 is now available on for $139.98, while the 1080p-capable HD-A30 is priced at $179.98. Granted, these are not the sub-$100 prices we’ve seen before, but this is after, not before, the holiday season. Rumour has it that other retailers have or are about to follow suit. It seems to me as if the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on has some competition.

View: A3 Product Page | A30 Product Page

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The free movies they let you choose from aren't all that great... in fact most are terrible. While quite a few of my all time favorite movies are in HD-DVD format only, by far the overall best selection is in BR..... unfortunately. I don't see it being a price thing but more of a movie availability thing that'll settle this.

Toshiba and Microsoft need to take the next step to help HD-DVD win the format
war. Toshiba needs to design a new HD-DVD player that costs around $70 dollars
and a HD-DVD drive for the PC for $110 dollars.

Microsoft needs to upgrade the Xbox 360 with HD-DVD drives and have a upgrade
program to replace the regular drives with HD-DVDs. Some type of promo at
BestBuy so customer with Xbox 360s can come in the get the upgrade done in
a few minutes and have it up an running HD-DVD movies. They can also, add
5 or 10 free HD-DVDs and have the upgrade cost around $159 ...

Only time will tell .... :P

Hmmmm this sounds offley familiar.

I think I'll go with the cheaper one, just to show Sony again how price is a BIG thing.

well do not understimate toshiba determination i guess...

the only thing that can save this its cheaper players and more people getting it.

I personally think this is too little too late, at least its a good way of clearing out your stock. However, competition is always great for prices, I hope these HD-DVD price drops will force the Blu-Ray camp to drive down prices, because at the end of the day its not us 'technical' minded people that count, its the average Joe. I.e my 72 year old Farther, he mentioned to me he saw the HD-DVD players were getting cheap, and that he can get free movies with it so he thought about buying one. If enough 'average joe' consumers jump onto these things then I think HD-DVD might still be around for a long time.