Amazon and Twitter present AmazonCart, one click shopping (nearly)


Global giants Twitter and Amazon have partnered together forming a new service called “#AmazonCart”. The feature aims to create a hassle-free shopping experience online, allowing users to remain on the social network while adding products to their Amazon basket for a later checkout.

To enable this service, you must link both accounts in the online retailer's social settings section. This is easy and quick to do, just confirm that Amazon have access to your Twitter information. Once this is enabled, any tweet containing a link to an Amazon product can automatically be added to your shopping cart, by replying to that tweet with “#AmazonCart”.

Amazon won’t actually order the product for you quite yet (you must review the cart through the website), but you will receive a confirmation from @MyAmazon stating that the product has successfully been added. Likewise, if its out of stock, the Twitter account will let you know.

We've seen quite a few changes on Twitter recently, one of them being their major profile redesign. Similarly Amazon's new wearable technology store, and latest plans on delivering goods calls for big changes within the company. But for now, enjoy the easy and simple to use #AmazonCart.

Source: Amazon via BusinessInsider | Image via YouTube

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Seems like a pretty useless idea. I do not need to broadcast my purchases...
They mention "allowing users to remain on the social network while adding products to their Amazon basket for a later checkout.", they know we have tabbed browsing, right?

elenarie said,
1.. Why would anyone want to comment on this?
2.. Why would anyone care what you're commenting?

Oh, wait... :laugh:

Lol, yes, because sharing ideas and opinions is the same as sharing a shopping cart... /s =)

Wow this sounds like the dumbest idea ever but. The hell if I'm gonna start tweeting everything I add to my Amazon shopping card. The whole idea of this sounds so awkward all around...