Amazon Appstore giving away iMediaShare for free today

Every day our devices become more and more connected, and soon Skynet will become self-aware, rise up, and destroy all of humanity. Until then, we continue to enjoy playing with our technology toys and marvel at things that we could only imagine a few short years ago.

Today’s free app from Amazon’s Android appstore is an example of the constantly converging devices we own. The app, called iMediaShare, let’s you stream any type of media from your phone or tablet to a supported television. The TV has to either have smarts built into it or have a device capable of supporting DLNA or PlayOn, which includes consoles. We tried it out on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a TV connected to an Xbox 360 and were streaming YouTube, Vimeo, and pictures from our phone in less than a minute.

There are many negative reviews about iMediaShare on Amazon’s site, but most of them are complaining about being required to login with Facebook. After trying the app out ourselves, we can verify that Facebook is actually not required: Simply click the “Skip Login” button and the application will work fine. Connecting through Facebook simply allows you to play videos from the social media site.

iMediaShare normally costs $4.99, but it’s free from Amazon today only. It's also available for iOS via iTunes, but that option is not free. Try it out, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for converged media.

Source: Amazon's Android Appstore

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It's not US restricted. You must have the Amazon Apps store installed on your android device and a valid Credit/Debit card in your amazon account. Then you can get the free app of the day (you'll get a receipt by mail for 0.00, euros in my case). A couple of weeks ago they had World of Goo for free too.

ManMountain said,
Let me guess, offers for the US only.
It is (as I mentioned above), but you can easily bypass it by changing the settings on your account.
Killer_Z said,
A couple of weeks ago they had World of Goo for free too.
Awww, and nobody said anything.

No surprises - this is restricted to US only it seems.

But I now have it in my account.
Good spot guys!

Audioman, such a cynic. I say don't knock it til you try it. Actually, this is a very useful app. Automatically discovers my PS3 and WD TV Live Hub and allows me to play anything on my iPhone to my 52" flat screen TV - plus a whole bunch of free included channels.

Ummm, this has nothing to do with Amazon, except that they're the ones giving it away for free. It's NOT an Amazon product.

TheLegendOfMart said,

Can Plex share media from your phone to a DLNA TV?

It's a bit of a arse about way of doing it... as such, there is no need. Plex *is* a DLNA server and any DLNA enabled device can access it anyway. It's also a upnp media server, as well as bonjour (itunes/iphotos and aperture).

Dedicated clients on ios/android/wp/pc/mac/linux (including tablets+kindle etc) as well as TVs, streaming boxes already provide a much richer contextual interface.

but... if this is what you're asking... I've been able to send media from my phone (or other DLNA devices) to another DLNA device (like a TV) using my windows phone since forever.