Amazon cuts $30 off Kindle Fire HD tablet

In March, Amazon announced it had cut the price of its Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch tablets by as much as $100, depending on the version. Today, Amazon revealed permanent price cuts on its smaller 7-inch version of the tablet.

In the US, Amazon is now selling the 16 GB version for $169.99 and the 32 GB version for $199.99. Both of the new prices are $30 below what they were before today. Those prices are for the tablets that have the "special offer" included (i.e. ads and coupons). The price of the smaller Kindle Fire HD has also been cut in the UK, with the 16 GB version selling for 139 pounds. The rest of Europe can now get the 16 GB version for 169 euros.

Usually, price cuts for current tablets come just a few months before new versions are announced. So far, there have been no major rumors about what Amazon has planned for the successor to the Kindle Fire HD. However, we suspect that the company will hold some kind of special press event in the fall to introduce new Kindle Fire products that will go on sale around the time of the 2013 holiday shopping season.

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I've only tried the Kindle HD 8.9 at Best Buy but every time I've tested it out it has been slow and buggy. I was using the web browser and the whole tablet froze when I tried opening two tabs. I'm not sure if Amazon has ever released a software update but I hope so. I certainly wouldn't pay $200+ for a tablet that freezes so easily.

My wife has the original Fire, was a bit underwhelmed with the out-of-the-box software as well. Threw on a custom ROM and it runs a *lot* better. Still get the occasional Android quirks but definitely improved the performance.. Android's not my first pick but definitely don't regret buying the tablet.

Of course, because I bought two just over a month ago.

May 29, 2013 (More about estimates)
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IMHO (which is shared by lots of others) e-ink is superior for reading books. LCD is a great multitasker, but extended reading causes eyestrain in virtually case. I still like my Surface RT for shorter reads like tech articles and the like, but there's no way I'm reading "A Song of Ice and Fire" on it.

It should be noted that the Nooks are still cheaper than the Kindles, even with this price cut. And I think Amazon is only lowering the price of the Kindles because the Nook sale has been extended through the summer instead of just being for Mother's/Father's Day, whereas B&N may be trying to sell some tablets that aren't moving very quickly (I dunno why, they're freaking awesome for the price and have the same specs as the Kindle Fire, plus a sdcard slot), which is why there is speculation that B&N is going under and nobody is concerned about Amazon.

I'm wondering what the status of color eInk is... What resolutions, refresh rate, etc is possible? Of course, it'd have to be CMYK, not RGB, so it likely wouldn't be ideal for a lot of this, but I'd hope it'd look good and offer great battery life...

No price cuts for the kindle Fire HD in Canada. What a shame.

16gb Kindle Fire HD: $284
32gb Kindle Fire HD: $314

Why is it just when we just got e-ink which was FANTASTIC for reading books minus the eye burn, the majority quickly returned to LCD screens?

warwagon said,
Why is it just when we just got e-ink which was FANTASTIC for reading books minus the eye burn, the majority quickly returned to LCD screens?

eInk was good for static text, people wanted tablets / readers that did more... hence why we got the fire... they still sell eInk readers though

As far as I know e-ink readers are still a pretty strong, yet separate, segment. Amazon just did the new kindle e-ink paperwhite last year.

Yea depends on what you need.. for *just* reading books, the standard Kindle is a great display, but obviously lacks a metric pantload of the functionality that the Fire brings. Want a book reader vs want a tablet that reads books. Used to have the eink version myself, have a Fire now, just want the extra software. Sorely miss the weight of the old Kindle though, weighs near nothing.

For me it's convenience, My nexus 10 is just with me a lot, it's a bit heavy for long reads when holding upright, but when I need all my other junk, it's nice to have it right there. Actually, I should just buy a dedicated reader, there so cheap and sync eliminates bookmark yeah, nevermind.

Because it was taking too long for color e-ink displays to hit the market, so they turned to LCD. And then, when they had a decent LCD reader, it became apparent that what they really had was a cheap and very capable android tablet. I love my Nook HD+, it is fantastic for reading comics and playing Candy Crush, but I went to the tablet over the e-ink reader initially (the Nook Color, which is right now running CM 10.1 on it as my wife uses it to play Candy Crush) simply because it really bugged me that my book covers weren't in color, even though I would only be seeing them briefly. If they came out with cheap color e-ink displays I would still buy one, especially if they had one in 9+ inches so I could read my comics on them.

warwagon said,
Why is it just when we just got e-ink which was FANTASTIC for reading books minus the eye burn, the majority quickly returned to LCD screens?

Because e-ink is mostly black and white and the refresh is too awful.