Amazon reportedly working on Netflix-like eBook service

We have seen online music subscription companies like Pandora and others make their way into the marketplace. We have seen Netflix gain tens of millions of users for its movie and TV show streaming service. We have more recently seen PC games get their own streaming service via OnLive. But will people go for the same kind of business model for eBooks? That's reportedly what Amazon is exploring. The Wall Street Journal (registration required) reports via unnamed sources that Amazon is currently in talks with a number book publishers to launch such a program.

Amazon certainly has a big previous history of selling books via the Internet, first from their retail web site to customers via mail order. Later it was successful in offering individual downloadable eBooks for Amazon's Kindle eReader and its many Kindle apps for the PC, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. But this new service would reportedly let Amazon charge an annual fee for users to access a number of eBooks from Amazon's library of titles as much as they want.

It sounds good in theory, but the story reports that a number of book publishers are not keen on the idea yet. They claim that such an "all you can read" service could lower the overall value of the books. Also, some book publishers are reportedly concerned that launching such an online eBook service would cause issues with current book retailers.

Amazon is supposed to launch a 7-inch Android powered tablet PC later this fall that will connect with Amazon's web based services including its Kindle eReader library.

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I'd love the ability to rent books. So instead of having to buy a brand new book for $12.95. I can rent it for $2.95 for a span of 4 weeks. That would of course really motivate you to finish that book fast!

Please don't tell me they're going the way of Netflix, a.k.a. people who force you to pay for a subscription & only have some of the movies as DVDs instead of streaming ALL of them...

you mean like O'Reilly books safari online but being able to download instead of read in browser?

its probably going to be the redbox of books, full of crap.. but if they do their entire library, i'd be the first to signup

I would love such service! I can't see myself wanting to read for longer stretches on anything besides e-ink