Amazon to Sell OLPC XO Laptops From November will start selling One Laptop Per Child's low-cost XO notebook computer as part of the Give One, Get One program OLPC developed last year, according to an official from OLPC. The non-profit organization started Give One, Get One as a way to raise money to send laptops to school kids in poor countries. The idea is that a person pays for two of the XO laptops developed by OLPC. One is sent to the buyer, and another is donated to a child in a developing country.

This year, OLPC opted to team up with a Web e-tailer instead of running the program itself, said Matt Keller, director of Europe, Middle East and Africa at OLPC, in an interview Wednesday. will start selling XO laptops under the Give One, Get One program in late November, around the time of Thanksgiving in the U.S. Sales will likely extend through to around the end of December.

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I think having the OLPC switch from managing this themselves, and into a system where an e-retailer like Amazon handles the transactions is a good idea.

My problem with these not for profit schemes is; just because they are "not for profit" it doesn't mean that there are not a whole lot of people screwing money out of the system, every step of the way.

Big corporations (no names - or my post will likely be deleted, and I'll earn a weeks ban from Neowin moderators) have ganged together to do everything to destroy this OLPC project )do a little Googling). A person buying one of these PC's is going to pay a HUGELY inflated price, or get a hopelessly inferior product for the money paid. I suggest this idea of giving poor children a PC is doomed to failure. Education and a sustainable way of living is far more important.

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