Amazon tries to coax developers into their App Store

Amazon wants a piece of the Android app development pie. Their app store is free in regards to submitting apps and there is less competition than in Google's Android Market. Apparently, they are also willing to part with a piece of their money to convince you, if you haven't seen enough reasons yet, according to TechCrunch.

Amazon has announced that beginning this morning any developer who submits an app will get a free 50 dollar credit to check out Amazon Web Services. This just does not include one of the services, it includes all of them, including some you may not have heard of. Amazon Web Services includes S3 (Amazon's storage service), Mechanical Turk (crowd sourcing tool), and DevPay (a online billing tool). 50 dollars may not get you far, but it will allow you to check out the services and use them while your app is being submitted and tested. It may even get you through the early days of an app's launch. After that, if your app is doing well, you could pay for renewal of Amazon Web Services.

However, this deal will not last forever. In fact, the deal is in effect until October 15th. After that, you're on your own. Just remember what you're getting into if one of your applications ends up being the Free App of the Day.

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Not trying to show down other ecosystems, but wouldn't developer's be much more interested in the reported Microsoft's platform combo(Xbox+Phone+Slate+PC) than $50 "gift certificate"?

Considering how badly Amazon treats developers on the Amazon App Store, I'm not sure anyone would willingly go to their platform until they improve.

You are right! Here is a developer's plight.

That's right, Amazon gave away 101,491 copies of our app! At this point, we had a few seconds of excitement as well, had we mis-read the email and really earned $54,800 in one day? We would have done if our public agreement was in place, but we can now confirm that thanks to Amazon's secret back-door deals, we made $0 on that day. That's right, over 100,000 apps given away, $0 made.

Extract from: http://shiftyjelly.wordpress.c...p-store-rotten-to-the-core/

And when is the amazon market venturing outside the U.S.? in particular here, in Australia? (that's the part i care about)

I honestly don't see why people would bother putting their apps exclusive to the amazon app store when it's not worldwide, wouldn't you be better off opening your app up to more people?

The article states the google android market has more competition, well, what's stopping people from using this market as well as the Amazon market? makes not difference then which market you put it on, except the google market is available in more places, therefore to more people.

I think a free app everyday is way too much, too often which contributes to the problems the developers have talked about. A free app of the week is more appropriate.

As an aspiring Android developer, this is tempting, except I have absolutely NO interest in amazon's web services.. 50$ gift card to Amazon, sure, but to their POS cloud system? no thanks. Also after reading how they treat developers, and the fact that in can take 2 weeks + to get an app approved, makes me not want to even bother. I'd rather pay the 25$ to get on Google's market.

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