Amazon's new Kindle the best-selling item and shipping early

A surprise came from Amazon today, with them stating that the highly sought newest Kindle will start shipping two days early. Originally set for shipping on August 27, customers who pre-ordered the device will be glad to hear they will be receiving it earlier. Amazon is set on shipping new Kindles ordered within the first four weeks of of the availability of the device, so apologies to those who didn't get their chance before it was sold out.

In their press release, Amazon also mentions that for two years running, the Kindle remains the best-selling item on Amazon's website. Senior vice president, Steven Kessel, was thrilled to see the new generation Kindle continue to sell so well. He also reports that within the first four weeks of the pre-order availability, the Kindle 3, as it is sometimes referred to as, has sold faster than any other Kindle to date. A statistic most likely due to Kindle now featuring Wi-Fi in addition to 3G, as well as Wi-Fi only models. That was a staple feature that many had been waiting for, and a feature that drove many to the Barnes & Noble Nook.

Amazon's latest Kindle has broken several sales records for the company. According to Amazon:


  • Kindle and Kindle 3G are the most gifted and most wished for products on and combined.

  • Customers in 125 countries on six continents from Austria to Zimbabwe have already placed orders for the new generation Kindles. Some of the most remote shipments will be sent as far away as Mongolia and the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Customers are already ordering books to read on their new Kindles. The most popular are the books in Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, "Star Island" by Carl Hiaasen and "The Rembrandt Affair" by Daniel Silva.
  • The latest Kindle features Wi-Fi, Free 3G (if you get the version with 3G), 50% better contrast screen, new fonts including two extra large fonts, 21% smaller body still keeping the six inch screen, and a battery that will last up to a month without recharging with 3G and Wi-Fi off. The device also features a new web browser based on WebKit and 20% faster page turns.

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    Sigmatic.Minor said,
    Wait... what? Free 3G??? Please don't tell me thats US only lol

    It isn't, although reportedly in countries outside of the US you can only visit the Kindle store and Wikipedia using the 3G.

    zikalify said,
    Is this early shipping us only or international cause I haven't had an email about it yet.

    I didn't get my email for a while either, I'm in the US so I am not sure who is getting the early shipping exactly. Amazon wasn't specific, they just said this "The new Kindles started shipping to customers today--two days earlier than previously announced."

    zikalify said,
    Is this early shipping us only or international cause I haven't had an email about it yet.

    Yip, I also havent had any communication from amazon. Hopefully it will be shipping soon...

    And despite Amazon knowing the kind of demand this product would create, they still haven't managed to make sure that stock levels are sufficient to meet the needs. In the UK, order today and don't expect to get it before September 17th at the earliest. For a device that supposedly makes receiving books and newspapers so swift and easy, Amazon sure didn't apply the same principles to the process of obtaining one.

    Nice one - my missus can't wait to receive hers. Got it for her birthday earlier this month and we're still waiting for it. It should be worth the wait!