AMC's new 'Walking Dead' Story Sync app has preview of new Windows 8 TV ad

Just before the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft ran a special TV commercial for the operating system during the third season premiere of the hit AMC zombie TV series "The Walking Dead." Today, AMC launched a Story Sync app for Windows 8 just a day before the fourth season's premiere begins on Sunday night.

The Story Sync app is meant to be interacted with while a person watches "The Walking Dead" live. It offers users trivia about each episode along with online polls and exclusive videos. Previously, the app was available via a web browser, but now Windows 8 tablet and notebook owners can download and use the app without having to open a browser.

The app already has content to check out ahead of Sunday's season four premiere, including preview clips of the episode and the new three-part online-only mini-episode "The Oath." Most importantly, the app has some behind-the-scenes photos of a new show-themed Windows 8 TV commercial, "Zombie Move-in," which presumably will be shown during the premiere.

You may remember that the first "Walking Dead" Windows 8 TV ad from a year ago showed a male instant messaging a female friend from a tablet while watching an episode in his home. At one point in the commercial the friend appeared to turn into a zombie, with the IM reading that she could not wait to "eat you." AMC and Microsoft released a follow-up TV ad for the season finale of "The Walking Dead" earlier this year, where it was revealed that the friend was just a regular human female coming over to the man's house to watch the show.

Source: Windows Store | Image via AMC

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Kind of a horrible idea... I want to get lost in the world of The Walking Dead, not be constantly interacting, that would ruin it for me. Maybe if you're the type of person that has time to spareto watch it twice though.

Enron said,
What do you get when you combine Walking Dead + Live Tiles?


Or an underwhelming interactive experience.