AMD announces 1GHz GPU, the air cooled Radeon HD 4890

AMD has announced the first factory over clocked air cooled GPU to reach the 1 GHz mark, the ATI Radeon HD 4890. While this mark may have been reached by overclockers using other graphics processors, the HD 4890 would not need any complex cooling solutions and works fine with the air cooling unit that comes standard. Also, since overclocking voids the warranty (even if it is hard to detect), the HD 4890's warranty should prove beneficial.


Here is an overview of the features:

Tear through the latest games with seamless frame rates and go beyond HD1 with the power of the ATI Radeon™ HD 4890 graphics processing unit (GPU). Building on the strength of the ATI Radeon™ 4800 series award-winning architecture, this GPU stands out from the rest with massive graphics processing muscle. Take ultimate control over your game and crank it up with scalable performance. Go ahead, max out the settings and put the ATI Radeon HD 4890 through its paces.

  • With 800 stream processors, the ATI Radeon HD 4890 has the brute strength needed to tackle the latest 3D games.
  • Unparalleled anti-aliasing (AA) and anisotropic filtering deliver eye-popping graphics with striking realism.
  • Equipped with the fastest, most advanced GDDR5 memory technology, this GPU supports higher data rates which translates directly into superior performance and maximum memory bandwidth.
  • Get right in the action and experience cinematic gaming at extreme HD resolutions with mind-blowing performance in the latest DirextX®10.1 games.
  • Personalize your experience with state of the art overclocking capabilities, advanced system monitoring and amazing control. Tune your system in real-time and push the performance envelope with the ATI OverDrive™ utility.
  • Take your game to new heights with ATI CrossFireX™ technology and enjoy superior scalability with up to quad GPU support.
  • Tap into the massive parallel processing power of your ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU with ATI Stream technology and tackle demanding tasks like video transcoding with incredible speed.
Click here to learn more about the device's specifications.

Video showcasing the Radeon HD 4890:

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I agree, this is true spinning from AMD, it is easy to overclock any of the top end GPUs from both AMD and nVidia to 1GHz and above on nothing but air cooling.

This card is not exciting considering an upcoming 4770x2 variant offers better performance for a lesser price.

Well, I know what I'll be buying..... the 4770. I'm on a budget here and the top of the line is a little out of my purse strings range!

Do clock speeds even matter? My 3 year old Radeon 1950XT is 628MHz, and recently bought a Geforce 260 which is at 675MHz, and is at least 5-6 tiers above the 1950XT on a tomshardware comparison chart.

Even the current £400 high end cards are on something like 600MHz or 575MHz clock speed.

You're missing the part about how many shaders the different cards have.

Sure the clocks are the same, but the newest gpu's have 2x more shaders.

It's like a dual core vs quad core CPU at clock for clock tests, which do you think will win?

This is a great milestone. The world's first 1 GHz factory overclocked GPU. It's a great card but it's better to get two HD 4770s in CrossFire.

Anaron said,
This is a great milestone. The world's first 1 GHz factory overclocked GPU. It's a great card but it's better to get two HD 4770s in CrossFire.

I'm actually trading my older 4850 (runs hot/loud) to someone for a 4770 that I recommended to him. Then I'm saving up a lil bit of money to buy another 1 for CF. Would personally rather have 2 4770s that run cooler/quieter then 2 4850s (even if i would get more FPS outa the latter).

The GTX 285 is more expensive. Currently, it's the single fastest GPU solution. The HD 4890 is a direct competitor to the GTX 275.

uuu I can fairly see the sweat when I put that AMD branded ATI into my INTEL branded PCI-E slot... hot hot hot!

...Nah I'll stick with NVIDIA

Sapphire has it's own 1Ghz version, also they have a 2nd OC'd 4890 at 925mhz? or somewhere there. Which one did you get? and if you really want to, just OC yours yourself.

xGo said,
Power outlets should be facing upwards towards PSU, rather than to the right into a HD cage...

That would be completely useless if a) you have a case like the Antec 1200 with the PSU on the bottom! or b) you wanted 2 of these cards in crossfire!

Wonder how smooth this will run on Crytek 3 :D

Funny how they keep saying DX 10.1 when I've only seen very few games that support this current feature since Nvidia alone doesn't use it themselves.

I rather they focus on better heat dissipation instead of just focusing on o/c with the same tech features. Then I can just o/c it myself and save having to pay them more for there work.

The real milestone was when 8800 GT came out and set the scale for card pricing. I remember buying a Radeon 1900 XTX for 700 canadian compared to the now 300 for 8800 GT with twice the performance.

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