AMD Announces 9-watt Sempron 2100+

AMD has announced the latest addition to its embedded product lineup, the Sempron 2100+ processor. The new Sempron 2100+ has a thermal design power rating of nine watts – an ideal pick for fan-less embedded systems. The Sempron 2100+ is packaged in a Socket S1 package and is compatible with the AMD M690T chipset. It is the first embedded targeted processor from AMD to feature AMD64 technology. AAEON and Arbor offer boards compatible with the new processor.

"By expanding our product portfolio with this new, very low power version of the highly successful AMD Sempron processor and extending the temperature support in our Geode line, AMD is delivering on our promise of customer-centric innovation for a range of embedded markets. You will continue to see AMD offer our embedded customers the products and tools they need to get high performance, very low power products to market quickly," said Embedded Computing Solutions Division Vice President Greg White.

News source: DailyTech

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Well I guess if you can't get faster at least produce something that can do less watts... there is a market for that still..

9 Watts may seem small, but if you work on embedded systems which run on batteries and/or solar power, it is quite a drain. I know their embedded SoC x86 processors that they recently canceled used from 0.5 W for ~400 Mhz. They definately need to re-work their low end stuff or risk losing to ARM based CPU's.

what kind of devices would need this kind of power? sounds like it would kill a battery, and seems a bit more powerful than other embedded CPUs.

That shouldn't matter a huge amount for embedded systems, which is the target for the processor.

The main thing is heat and noise from cooling etc, so in that respect they've done an awesome job, 9 watts is amazing

NINE watts!?!!?!?


With 64-bit as welll.. Quite impressive. Hmmmm.. Is this more powerful than my once-great 3.2GHz HT Northwood? It's a real power guzzler!