AMD Creates First 45nm Chips, Says Manufacturing Chief

The new chief of manufacturing at Advanced Micro Devices said the company has already made first test chips using 45nm process technology, however, he said the new fabrication process still does not employ high-k dielectrics and similar innovations that IBM and AMD developed collaboratively. The new technologies, however, may still be a focus for AMD, the new production chief joined AMD from IBM.

Douglas Grose, who has been appointed to the role of senior vice president of technology development, manufacturing and supply chain at AMD, said that AMD's Dresden, Germany manufacturing facility has been producing test chips using 45nm for some time now and the company has a very strong focus on rapid development of the new fabrication technology.Mr. Grose indicated that the 65nm process technology – which went commercial in early December, 2006 – is already fully developed and ready to ramp up. The main target for AMD today is 45nm fabrication process.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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Good to hear, AMD is a good comapny with good potential which for a long time had better chips than Intel unfourtunatley Intel is so much larger and has alot more resources and money so naturally theyd make better chips sooner or later hence Core 2 Duo. Maybe this will give AMD the boost it needs but for now it still doesn't look too good for them.

AMD needs to get on the ball.

Intel forces AMD to innovate and conversely,
AMD forces Intel to innovate.

competition is good

Cole said,
Give me an example of Intel's "innovation".

x86 architecture? :P
The new Core processors definitely show that they have been listening to users...

If AMD's 65nm technology is fully developed, why are AMD's newer (and faster) CPU's still coming on 90nm? (the quad FX range, and the X2 6000 amoung others).

They haven't fully switched over their entire lineup yet. You can now purchase the 3600+, 4000+, 4400+, & the 4800+ in 65nm form. Others will follow. These things take time, they just switched over to the 65nm process in December.