AMD cuts prices for mid- and low-end processors

AMD has announced price cuts for its mid- and low-end Athlon 64 X2 processors amid earlier reports that Intel plans to slash prices for its older Pentium D CPUs. According to AMD's website, pricing for high-end Athlons, including the FX series, X2 5600+ and 5400+ remains unchanged, while the X2 5200+ saw a hefty cut from US$403 to US$295. Reductions continue down the rest of the range with prices falling around US$25 at the top of the scale to around US$15 at the bottom.

The price of the single-core Athlon 64 3800+ also fell from US$108 to US$101, however, the price of the slower 3500+ remained unchanged. Prices for the lowest speed CPU, the Athlon 3200+ is no longer posted on AMD's website. Pricing for the lowest-end Sempron processors also fell with the 3200+ being reduced from US$67 to US$51, and the 3000+ (both 256KB and 128KB L2 cache versions) falling from US$56 to US$41 all in units of 1000.

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AMD has killed off Socket 939, so we're (socket 939 owners) all screwed unless we want to upgrade. But since they felt it was ok to screw 939 owners and basically just not make anymore at all (I don't mean new chips, i meant existing ones), then when I upgrade, I'll be going with an Intel Quad core system.

And how exactly is that different from the sockets and processors that Intel has "retired" in the past few years? Methinks you need some cheese to go with that whine.....

I think it was inevitable, 939 had a good run, I feel more screwed over by the PCI-E transition. It was purely to get people to buy GPU makers' chipsets and then buy two video cards.

That aside, it still would be kind of dumb not to go with Intel's offerings if I was to upgrade at this moment, so AMD is kind of hurt by having to dump 939, as there are lots of others in this situation I would imagine.