AMD HD 4850 X2 finally hitting the shelves?

Neowin reported back in October that AMD's Radeon 4850 X2 was getting ready for release, well now finally it seems you should be able to actually go out and by one.

Reports are coming in from around the web, that the AMD Radeon HD 4850 X2 is hitting the shelves of on-line stores today, with a price of around £270. (A Nvidia GTX280 costs around £300)

The card is packing a pair of 4850 GPU's with 800 stream processors, 256-bit memory interface driving 1GB of GDDR3 frame buffer for each GPU, giving a 2GB total. Each GPU is connected by a PCIe Gen2 bridge chip.

The card uses a dual slot, dual fan design and sports 4 Dual Link DVI outputs as well as Hi-Def TV-Out.

As with all HD 48xx Series the 4850 X2 supports ATI Avivo HD video, a second UVD (Unified Video decoder) for the hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs and supports HDMI over the DVI interface with the supplied HDMI Adapter

Benchmarking results on the 4850 X2 put it in 2nd place overall, with the 4870 X2 taking the top spot and the Nvidia GTX 280 dropping to 3rd.

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So it's cheaper and faster than GTX280? Good job AMD.
What about the heat? 2 GPUs might cause a lot of heat...

I'm figuring it'll be cooler than the 4870x2 due to revised engineering and weaker performance. I'm definitely putting one in my new rig coming this christmas.

Hopefully it won't be heat x2!

my sapphire 4850 hit 100c under a stress test. After fitting extra system fans and a 3rd party cooler, I brought it down to 45c under load but I don't know if 3rd party coolers are available for cards with 2 cores?

Actually, depending on who was testing, what game was tested and how they tested, the 4850 X2 is head-to-head with a GTX 280, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But a blanket statement of "faster than GTX 280" is not a valid statement.

BlueScreenOfDeath said,
might want to edit the by to buy :P

first thing i thought!

second thing: sweeeeet! i want one!