AMD Introducing 'Phenom' Processors

Over the next two weeks AMD will slowly begin to introduce its new brand name for high end desktop CPUs. The brand, Phenom, will succeed Athlon on all K10 offerings. Dual-core Agena processors will be labeled as Phenom X2; quad-core Agena as Phenom X4. The halo products, Agena FX and its family, will receive the brand name Phenom FX.

The Athlon and Sempron brands will become AMD's mid and low-range processors. AMD is also expected to introduce a new processor naming scheme in next few weeks for it's new Brisbane low-voltage dual-core processors.

View: AMD Phenom
View: AMD Brisbane Processor Nomenclature

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I wonder how this will compare to the Core 2 Duo in apples to apples comparison.

I have been using AMD since I have been able to buy my own computers, but lately i have considered a core 2 duo, I don't think I could wait for My "fenon" having my aging 754 and 939 systems about to die.

amd must not die, hope they will recruit the money, and do the smartest thing any company in the world who wishes to achieve greatnes will do, open true-hard-real-primary development enter in israel, where best geniune, phenomenal minds are.

if 95% of intel cpu's are being developed there, and other technology's, what are they waiting for?
do the right thing.
even amd ceo deeply impressed when he visit there, and said "they(israeli's)really understand how amd cpu ticks, and ask's question to really know best."

btw, house 3-21 sux ass.

I can't help but think that AMD scrapped support and development way too early for the 939 socket in favour of AM2.

Or maybe I'm being just a bit too selfish as I think about my 939 rig and the only way that I could 'upgrade' the system now would need new memory, CPU and motherboard - if I wanted to remain with AMD.

As that is the case I might as well get an Intel one as the dual cores are a very capable CPU, their quad core CPU's are also becoming more affordable.

In Q4 they will be releasing the Phenomenal Bankruptcy. :P

Seriously AMD is in really bad shape, their core business is falling way behind and their debts are growing fast. The prediction is they will run out of cash before 2008. I hope someone with deep pockets buys them and keeps Intel honest.

FEE-nom....fe-NOM (i read those several times) i think i prefer to pronounce it Venom something like that

finally amd is coming up with some competition...
if they're good, great. if they're not, then at least itll bring down the prices of those sweet core 2 extremes.

The article says that "Phenom is pronounced as an abbreviated version of the word 'phenomenal.'"

That can't be right. Everyone knows that "phenom" is pronounced FEE-nom (hard 'e' and accent on the first syllable), not fe-NOM (soft 'e' and accect on second syllable, as pronounced in "phenomenal).

Like... whatEVER! :P

But whether or not the name is good, it was a wise marketing decision to come up with a new name. Too many people think that Core 2 processors beat the Athlons on all price ranges, when that's certainly not the case. I'll miss having the Athlon name though. It was a fine processor.

But I can't wait to buy my Phenom!

Interesting. I wonder if they think that their processors are a "Phenomenon?" Maybe they are trying to change the consumer's view on their processors