AMD Preps Integrated DirectX 10 Platform for Early 2008

Advanced Micro Devices plans to update its family of chipsets with built-in DirectX 10-compliant graphics cores in January, 2008, sources with knowledge of the matter revealed. The new products will help AMD to offer more competitive platforms, but the company will still have offer somewhat outdated integrated graphics solutions during holiday season.

As reported earlier this year, the new family of chipset solutions for cost-effective computers from AMD will feature two product families: AMD 740G and AMD 780G. The launch of both new integrated core-logic offerings will be aligned and is currently scheduled for January, ahead of Chinese New Year on February 7, 2008, though, the exact launch schedule for AMD 740G may be altered.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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And the point is? DX10 performance on mid-range cards like the 8600GT is terrible, so these integrated chipsets are going to be useful for DX10. The only reason I see is that Microsoft is upping the specs for the Vista logo program to require DX10 for Vista Home Premium - there is no actual need for DX10 integrated chipsets, though obviously extra features don't hurt.

of course they are not if you work at full setting you can always disable them... and also directx support means you can actually play the game.
some game don't let you even play it with older directx.