AMD Readies Shanghai to Battle Nehalem

Advanced Micro Devices is making it clear that its upcoming 45-nanometer processor for servers—"Shanghai"—will compete against what Intel brings to market with its new line of processors based on the upcoming "Nehalem" microarchitecture. According to AMD Senior Vice President Randy Allen, the chip will ship in Q4 2008, and his company will be ready with its server products before Intel. "They [Intel] won't be factoring our 45-nanometer Shanghai product and be making shipments of that by the end of the year," Allen said.

However, despite much talk about how Shanghai will be competing against Nehalem, there was a notable absence of details about Shanghai during Allen's press conference, held on the eve of the Intel Developer's Forum, including specifics on performance improvements. AMD has previously said Shanghai will contain 6MB of Level 3 cache compared with the 2MB of L3 cache in the company's current crop of quad-core Opteron processors. Something AMD has in its favor is that the Shanghai chips will be compatible with the current group of Opteron chips. With BIOS update, users can upgrade their systems fairly easily, which should help AMD move the products into the marketplace.

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I'm not really looking forward to the i7s because I'm sort of worried that you'll need a big expensive motherboard where the chipset has a fan and you're forced to used overpriced DDR3. So I'm hoping AMD can cook up a 180-220$ processor to compete with the i7's eventually.

DDR3 prices continue to fall. By the time i7 is ready for prime-time DDR3 should be very affordable. I'm waiting for DDR3 2000 MHz to become affordable, though. Get that down below $100 and I'm all over it.

As for heat issues, it seems that liquid cooled chipsets and liquid cooled RAM is the future. Or you can just submerge the entire motherboard in canola oil and cool it that way.


They need to release specs on this new release because of what we know now about Nehalem, it will be very though on AMD to beat Intel (think of the Core launch years ago, again).

Maybe AMD can pull something out this time than can challenge Intel just to help drop down prices.

(EnzoFX said @ #11.1)
Quad's a bit too hot for the average laptop, at least currently. Won't be seeing them in mainstream laptops soon...

ah ok. so maybe 45 nanometer process can lower that

question for anyone: is there ANY particular reason why I can't find quad core laptops by AMD or Intel? just dual core.

I'd love to see laptops run quad core chips.

(hardgiant said @ #9)
I long for the days when x2 was first released and it kicked Pentium D's butt. It seems those days are over.

Yeah at least until another phenom generation... Sad though we won't get as much price drops

"They [Intel] won't be factoring our 45-nanometer Shanghai product and be making shipments of that by the end of the year," Allen said.

Yeah, they aren't factoring it because its going to suck.

Maybe they need to use their available die space for more sophisticated enhancements than cache...

So much extra L3 cache just seems like a "We have this space left over from not implementing all that much new stuff, so lets just add a crapload of cache" thing.

I mean, Intel is always going on about microcode improvements and better implementations of various parts of the processor, but AMD isn't as much.