AMD rebrands ATI CrossFire chipsets

AMD has formally begun renaming ATI's CrossFire 1600 and 3200 chipsets as AMD products, a month after news of the scheme first broke. As expected, the two parts will now be called, respectively, the 480X and the 580X.

The single-chip 480X supports two 8x PCI Express slots for graphics and four more lanes for general-purpose 1x boards. It can host ten USB ports, four 3Gbps SATA drives and two parallel ATA peripherals. The 580X - also a single-chip part - bumps the graphics card support up to a pair of 16x PCIe slots. Other specs are the same as the 480X.

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News source: The Reg

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Yes there's no reason why Intel cant use AMD products it will be a bit of a slap round the face but until they develop or use a competing product or maybe buy Nvidia they are stuck.

No kiddin'...At this rate, soon we'll be the only ones who actually remember the name ATI.

Good for AMD, though, finally back in the desktop chipset business. Hopefully they give some good attention and catch up in the chipset field, 'cause ATI was getting destroyed by nVidia.