AMD reports slow Q2 2012 financial results

AMD is struggling to stay alive in the processor industry as Intel still rules the PC side and ARM-based chip companies like Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Texas Instruments have a lock on the smartphone and tablet market. Today, AMD reported more disappointing financial news.

The company's press release stated that AMD had revenues of $1.41 billion for the second quarter of 2012. That's 10 percent lower compared to the same time period a year ago. AMD generated a $37 million profit in the second quarter, compared to a $61 million profit a year ago.

AMD CEO Rory Read said, "Overall weakness in the global economy, softer consumer spending and lower channel demand for our desktop processors in China and Europe made the closing weeks of the quarter challenging."

In May, AMD officially launched its new Trinity line of PC processors, but wide availability of the chip won't happen until sometime in the current quarter. Read said today, "Our recently launched Trinity APU continues to gain traction with customers. We are committed to driving profitable growth."

Unlike Intel, which has been a big promoter of Windows 8 ahead of its October 26th launch, AMD has kept much of its Windows 8 plans to itself. In June, during the Computex trade show, AMD did show a prototype tablet running Windows 8 with one of its Trinity A6 APUs inside. So far, there's no word if there will be any Windows 8 tablets with an AMD chip inside for the launch of the OS.

Source: AMD

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AMD is awesome! I got a Athlon X3 and unlocked the hidden 4th core. It shows up as a Phenom X4 B50 processor. Now all I have to do is get a motherboard with DDR3 and I'm set!

Fingers crossed this will mean further price drops on their 7xxx series graphics cards soon (I know they recently knocked off $50 on the 7870, 7950 and 7970, but NVIDIA are rumoured to bring out their mainstream cards soon).

lomas said,
AMD is slowly dying...

All Intel fan boys must be enjoying reading this news...

Yes, and I hope they are happy when they're paying $1000+ dollars for a single core, 1Ghz CPU.

Mike Frett said,

Yes, and I hope they are happy when they're paying $1000+ dollars for a single core, 1Ghz CPU.

What a reply to a comment about fanboys.

This is really good news if you want to make some money. Some might argue that their debt load is too high but vision beyond quarterly profits falls short. Both Sony and Microsoft have said their next consoles will use an ATI video card and I suspect at least one will use an AMD chipset. Also, the reviews on their CPU+GPU single die notebooks have been phenomenal. We'll see, but I expect to double or triple my small investment by this time next year.