AMD Rolls Outs New Athlon Processors

Advanced Micro Devices is rolling out two additional dual-core processors as part of its Athlon 64 X2 family of chips. The Sunnyvale, Calif., chip maker announced Dec. 12 that it would begin shipping the Athlon 64 X2 5400+ and the 5600+ to OEMs, which AMD said will include Dell. The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker already uses Athlon processors in its line of Dimension desktops. Since dual-core chips were first introduced by Intel, with the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor in 2005, and later by AMD, OEMs, such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Gateway, have all begun offering numerous high-end desktops and notebooks that feature the technology, which offers two processing cores on a single piece of silicon.

In a statement, AMD officials said the two new dual-core processors would offer better graphics performance, while reducing power costs. The two chips will also support Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, which requires a much more powerful processor in order for users to access all its features. The 5400+ and the 5600+ each offer speeds of 2.8GHz, an AM2 socket and an 89-watt thermal design. With the 5400+, AMD is offering 512MB per core of L2 cache memory, while the 5600+ offers 1MB per core of L2 cache memory.

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lol... so... we will have 512MB sticks attached to the processors? or its going to be one of those motorola tiny flash drive ones as ram?

Quote - Beastage said @ #4
ooops! heh.... however still less cache than core 2.... and seriously WTF @ THE PR SYSTEM
5600+ the hell it means?

AMD's CPU architecture is alot better than Intels thats why they only need smaller cache as the info is processed quicker

and 5600+ is equivalent to 5.6GHz and the + represents that it can be overclocked higher

AMD's CPU architecture is alot better than intels ? Uh, where have you been buddy ? this ain't 2003.

And the + means nothing. It's the PR mark. It doesn't say anything about overclocking, you just made that up.

dude, you are totally off on the cache thing. It doesn't matter what processor you have, low-latency, full processor speed, on-die, cache is improtant, and having more of it doesn't hurt. (as long as it's full-speed, and low latency) And the only reason that AMD doesn't have a bigger cache is because they can't fit it into the die because they haven't switch to the 65 nm yet.

AMD is offering 512MB per core of L2 cache memory, while the 5600+ offers 1MB per core of L2 cache memory.