AMD shows a teaser of its answer to NVIDIA's Titan graphics card

In February, NVIDIA shocked the PC hardware and hardcore PC gaming crowd with the announcement of the GeForce GTX Titan, a $999 graphics card that has three GPUs and 6 GB of GDDR5 RAM. So what can NVIDIA's main graphics card rival, AMD, come up with to counter the Titan?

AMD teased an answer to that question this week as part of a Game Developer Conference press event. reports that AMD posted a slide at the end of the press conference that showed off the upcoming Radeon HD 7990. AMD is keeping the details of what's inside this huge card a secret for the most part, saying only that it has two GPUs and is reportedly "whisper quiet."

AMD also announced plans to launch a new series of Radeon cards made specifically for streaming content on cloud servers such as games. The Radeon Sky series will consist of three card models. One of them, the Radeon Sky 900, will have two Radeon GPUs and 3 GB of GDDR5 memory for each GPU. The other two models will have a single GPU. The Radeon Sky 700 will have 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, and the Radeon Sky 500 will have 4 GB of memory.

These new servers will also compete with NVIDIA's own cloud server solution, the GRID Visual Computing Appliance, which was announced earlier this month.

Source: | Image via AMD

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My $200 GTX 660 plays everything on max or ultra @ 1920x1080. The "cuda" cores work with Adobe hardware acceleration for pro editing work. This combo is very appealing and the only reason I and a lot of others are going nvidia. I could add another card in SLI and get 50% better performance than a single 680 and keeps my graphics relevant for another year or more if I'm lucky. Still rooting for AMD though, we need competition, but this sounds desperate already.

Snake89 said,
You should really be running on Adobe on a workstation graphic card instead of a desktop one.
... why? The GTX 660 is a very capable compute card AND is excellent for gaming on it. Sounds like exactly what he needs.

Euh my 660ti sli barely keep up at 1080p at 60fps witch I consider bare minimum for game play in dx11 titles like crysis3, tomb raider and far cry 3..

Crysis, Crysis 3, poorly optimized games, supersampling at 4K resolutions (any game), supersampling in general (for higher resolution or AA purposes), poorly optimized games, multiplayer games with a ton of people on screen, heavily modded games, optionally with injectors like SweetFX (Skyrim), poorly optimized games, a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now.

I am talking about single-GPUs here. I tried multi-GPU with the GTX 400 series (2x 460's). Great when SLI was optimized well, terrible when it wasn't. Upgraded to a single 670; reasonable improvement compared to well scaled SLI, incredible improvement in poor scaling.

Excited for this release, even though the 7990 has been talked about for months. Don't care for AMD cards (their drivers were trash back when I tried a 3850), mainly care about NVIDIA finally having competition for the titan, hopefully driving the price down.

Still, to wait for a refresh of Kepler or jump on a Titan.. choices.

I'm sorry, what exactly is so new about this 7990? Did we suddenly jump back 6 months in the past? New triple fan "a-la Windforce" design that has been done to death by every single board maker for the past few years?

Yes, it will beat Titan. It will hold against GTX 690. Ares II being the current longest e-penis, after all. While wandering outside of PCI-SIG standard by a large margin, however.

The might of the Titan is in its power efficiency. It is at least 30% more powerful than 7970 Ghz Edition, but eats the same 250W and a single blower fan keeps it at 80*C while also being fairly quiet.

Also, I want to see that "whisper quiet" materialise, seeing how are most Radeon designs are, all else being debatable to death, totally crap at dissipating heat. Failed fans is probably the most common defect after the infamous black screen.

Veyron vs Huayra. Horsepower vs design.

Edited by Phouchg, Mar 27 2013, 9:13pm :

But the Titan is a single GPU, so it's not really competing in the same bracket. I like amd but this is a failed attempt at saying that they are going to compete.

Huh. AMD is faster in a lot of games than competing Nvidia cards are. I would take and AMD card any day over Nvidia.

jd100 said,
Huh. AMD is faster in a lot of games than competing Nvidia cards are. I would take and AMD card any day over Nvidia.

Last 'upgrade' I went with a mid-range NVidia, where I went with a mid-range ATI/AMD twice before. I am really disappointed in Nvidia. Its barely more powerfull then my previous ATI. And that card was 3 years old already.

Titan is a 3 GPU card? That seems to contradict other places that promoted it as "the fastest single GPU graphics card ever" ( There are faster single cards with multiple GPUs (ie: the GTX 690 is almost always faster than a single Titan and the Ares II can be quicker too - especially running multiple displays)

How do you come to the conclusion that the GTX Titan is a 3 GPU card? It seems like that would make it impossible to run 3x/4x SLI with Titan Cards which is one of the reasons people care about it: if you've got money to burn, 4x titan will be quicker than 2x 690

Edited by the evn show, Mar 27 2013, 8:25pm :

Midnight Mick said,
the card takes up a good 14+ inches

There's a great joke in there somewhere... LOL

But yeah, a lot of people are not going to be able to slam one of those in their case, that thing is a beast-work of fans!