AMD silences quad-core critics

AMD has released benchmark data for its upcoming Barcelona quad-core server processor, and has demonstrated a quad-core Phenom desktop processor running at 3GHz. Barcelona is scheduled to ship in August. Phenom is slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year, although AMD has yet to say at which clock speeds the first chips will run. AMD came under fire last month when it announced that its Barcelona quad-core server processor would ship at 2GHz, sparking speculation that it would not be able to deliver on an earlier promise to outperform Intel's chips.

Intel, by comparison, is shipping a 2.66GHz X5355 Xeon quad-core chip as its fastest server processor and has a 3GHz model for workstations. The chip maker has gained market share in the server market in recent months. AMD boasted at its Technology Analyst Day at its Silicon Valley headquarters that its processor outperformed a 2.33GHz Intel Xeon quad-core processor by 25 per cent in the SPECfp_rate2006 benchmark, and claimed a 30 per cent advantage on the performance-per-watt metric.

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I used AMDs in my computer for a long time (since 1999), but now it's just not practical anymore. Unless they deliver big and deliver soon, my next system is going to be a Core 2 Duo or quad.

At least when Intel showed off Core 2 Duo benchmarks they did it against AMD's top chips by shear performance not perf/watt like AMD decided to do with this. What a bunch of lame asses. Release the friken product already! I guess they are afraid we will really find out that their high end will be delayed and we will be forced to look at their mid to low end just like the HD2000 Series Launched.