AMD to Cut More Than 400 Jobs

AMD has recently announced that it will cut 430 jobs worldwide (2.6% of its workforce) which breaks down to around 40 jobs in AMD's Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, CA offices; 80 jobs in Austin, TX; around 12 in Boston, MA; and 50 in Markham, Ontario. The remainder of the job cuts will be spread throughout AMD offices and manufacturing locations around the world. Most of the jobs will be from marketing, sales and administration, but several engineering jobs will also be cut.

The announcement comes after AMD Chief Executive Hector Ruiz described AMD's recent performance as "unacceptable." Ruiz said that as many as 800 jobs, the equivalent of 5% of AMD's workforce, would face possible elimination. American Technology Research analyst Doug Freedman believes the job cuts could "save the company about $40 million per annum in operating expenses and add 8 cents to the bottom-line." While Intel released the Core 2 Duo chip last year, AMD believes its Barcelona technology will offer better performance since it has four cores on a single die.

News source: DailyTech

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I have this impression that thru last years we had a lot of "blondes" (state of mind) from rich parents who went into management and economy and now they are flooding companies and inventing more complex ways into production process which suppose to make it faster but in reality makes it more complex, slower, full of bottlenecks and expensive. I am saying this because I've seen a lot of announcements where management was fired first and not the workforce which does real job.

ok that's just retarded of amd try to compare there Barcelona technology to the core 2 duo.. If the Barcelona technology has 4 cores.. then how come they ain't comparing it to the Quad core duo processor that intel got out now.. geez they need some real help now a days..

/me sings "Where have all the fanboys gone....."

Cause you know, you gotta cut jobs when your making money and being up with competition,

And I'm no lover of any 1 single brand... but nothing AMD has can touch the Core 2 chips...

And don't say "But AMD is coming out with..blah blah blah" because when they do.. they will still be 1 step behind Intel fo r the time being....

phiberoptik said,
"But AMD is coming out with..blah blah blah" because when they do.. they will still be 1 step behind Intel fo r the time being....

Care to state why AMD would still be "1 step behind".

Because i do remember all it took AMD was one chip to make a good swath of people dump Intel in the dirt.

You are very misinformed, or you need to come out the "Intel fanboy" closet so to speak.