AMD to introduce 45nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08

AMD schedules to launch its 45nm process socket AM3 family processors in the second half of 2008. The processors will support HyperTransport 3.0 and will have a built-in DDR2/DDR3 memory controller. The processors will be backward compatible with the previous AM2 and AM2+ socket motherboards, according to sources at motherboard makers. AMD's AM3 family will include the quad-core Deneb and DenebFX, dual-core Propus and Regor, and single-core Sargas. Shipments of 45nm products are predicted to surpass those of 65nm products within half a year from launch, noted the sources.

Although Socket AM3 processors will be backwards compatible with previous socket AM2 and AM2+ motherboards, socket AM3 motherboards will not be able to support the previous socket AM2 and AM2+ processors. Therefore shipment volumes of socket AM3 motherboards will depend on the speed of transition to DDR3 memory, added the sources

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Barcelona being late is due to bugs in the design that needed to be fixed, not because the 65nm process was late and therefore delayed Barcelona. I would expect limited volume of 45nm in Q3 with more in Q4 (repeat of 65nm although slightly faster). AMD will switch to 45nm with their slower cores first just like they did with 65nm since a mature 65nm will clock better than an immature 45nm.

How is it late, the time between Intel's and AMD's 65nm was longer than that (and AMD said 2H2008 for 45nm over a year ago so everything is still on schedule). AMD has gained 1-2 months on Intel with 45nm (yes they still have a long way to go). But before you go omg AMD sucks and is super late, you should know that EVERYONE ELSE will be even "later" than AMD so why don't you mention everyone else for being super late.

Ghostdraconi said,
AMD to introduce 45nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08 :P

Either its so far in the future that they run out of numbers or its a typo :ermm:

2H08 = second half of 2008