AMD to launch new high-end desktop processor

AMD is preparing to launch a new high-end desktop processor, the Athlon 64 X2 6400+, which will be the last processor in the Athlon 64 X2 family, according to sources at motherboard makers. Currently, AMD's highest-end desktop processor is the Athlon 64 X2 6000+, however with its performance unable to match Intel's upcoming Core 2 Duo E6850, AMD plans to launch the new 6400+ to cover up the gap in the market, noted the sources.

The 6400+ will have a core frequency of 3.2GHz and 2MB L2 cache, noted the sources. Pricing will range between US$220-248, they added. AMD has already sent processor samples to motherboard makers in order to allow them to update their BIOSes. The processor is predicted to ship shortly, added the sources.

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News source: DigiTimes

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This sounds like it will be a nice boost in performance over the 4200+ X2 I currently have. Unfortunately, I'd probably have to replace the PSU in my off-the-shelf HP system to sufficiently power this puppy and the additional heat might be an issue as well.

There is no competition for C2Duos at the moment. AMD's old architecture can't cope with the intel's at the moment. Hope Phenom will be good or i see AMD going down the drain. Too bad, competition is wat keeps us customers happy...

Charts to compare the 6000+ to the Core2 6850 as requested Chicane-UK

Prey -


HDTV Playback -

Cinema 4D -

3d Studio -

Just picked 5 random tests, and they all show the Intel chip beats the AMD by 20-30 seconds or 20-30 FPS, which ever is applicable to the test.

I think the 6400+ will be a fairer comparison given the price difference, and significant L2 cache advantage the 6850 has over the 6000+

I guess Intel chips are faster performers looking at figures like that.. but then they do come in quite significantly more expensive than the AMD chips.

I am not familiar with Intel performance as i've been building desktop PCs with AMD processors for over 8 years now. But i have the 6000+ processor with 4 GB DDR2 dual channel ram and dual SLI 7800 GT video cards and this machine flies. Picked up the 6000+ a few months ago at fry's electronics as an awesome deal with a crappy montherboard which i threw away, but got it for $159. and at that time the CPU itself was $249. so $100 cheaper.

the 6400+ doesn;t seem too expensive and has a hefty L2 cache. Can;t wait to get that.

Nice. Prices aren't too heavy either!

How does the X2 6000+ compare with Intels offerings? I know that, generally the Core2Duo has the X2 pegged clock for clock but just interested to know peoples experiences. I just upgraded to a 3800+ X2 and liking it so far but with the 6000+ being so cheap, i'd be tempted to spring for one of those sooner rather than later!