AMD to launch nine 45nm Shanghai server CPUs in October

AMD has updated server makers that it is planning to bring forward the launch of 45nm server processors (Shanghai) from the original schedule of January 2009 to mid-October. Nine CPUs with core frequencies between 2.3-2.7GHz will be offerer ed initially, according to sources at server makers.

The nine Shanghai processors will include five 2-way and four 8-way models. All will support the company's socket F (1207), and include an on-die DDR2 memory controller and 6MB L2 cache.

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the real hold up is cost. cache is very expensive and including higher sizes would sky-rocket the price of CPUs.
in terms of performance gains, its like having a PC with 64GB RAM as opposed to 8GB RAM. Unless you do some heavy weight processing, you wont see any effect from it.

it look all good feq & cache of 6mb is pretty good

but they are creating for them self a unnecessary bottleneck by doing it HTT 1.0 wiared