American Airlines Sues Google Over Search Words

American Airlines, the world's largest airline, has sued Google Incorporated for selling search words involving its name. The claim is the latest in a string of cases filed worldwide by businesses that argue the search giant's pay-per-click advertising system, its main source of revenue, is used unfairly by competitors to grab business. American Airlines, a unit of AMR Corp, said it does not want to prevent the display of search terms, but wants Google to stop selling its trademarks and related terms.

Filed Thursday in the U.S. Court for the Northern District of Texas, the American Airlines lawsuit accuses Google of violating trademark laws with its practice of selling search terms such as "American Airlines" or "" to other companies for advertising. The airline accuses Google of selling the right to use American Airlines' trademarks and service marks or "words, phrases, or terms confusingly similar to those marks" to competitors who then direct searchers to their own Web pages.

News source: InformationWeek

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sue the freaking companies using it to advertise, freaking hell...
but wait... google hasm ore money to fork out for law fights and if they lose theres more money to grab...

Glassed Silver:mbl

For people who dont understand.... people buy adverts that link to their own pages but appear when you type in "American Airlines"...

The problem is although they are "American Airlines" ... they are not the only American airline company, to be perfectly honest if you wanted to search for airline companies in America what else are you going to search for?

I see nothing illegal in that. Bah, poor ppl sues big companies to get rich. Rich companies sues other big rich companies to have even more money.

It's like the Sugar Crisp song, "Can't get enough of da' green bill",... :P


hotrod said,
Neowin needs a seperate category for news: Lawsuits

It's really a category to add, folks @ Neowin. I would make it my homepage.