Americans more wired, says survey

About 38 percent of U.S. consumers are watching TV shows online, 36 percent use their cell phones as entertainment devices and 45 percent are creating online content like Web sites, music, videos and blogs for others, according to a new-media survey from Deloitte & Touche.

The findings of the online survey of 2,081 Americans, conducted October 25-31, were provided to The Hollywood Reporter before their official release next month.

The "State of the Media Democracy" notes that in Deloitte's first edition of the survey just eight months earlier, 24 percent of consumers used their cell phones as entertainment devices, meaning that usage has soared 50 percent.

News source: Reuters

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This is obviously true from a first hand experience. We are way more wired than just a couple years ago. The problem here is we became "wired" during WWII and we've got this extensive, outdated tech/grid all over the country. Smaller countries that are becoming wired now don't have to tear down existing technology and therefor can rapidly become wired in the latest tech beyond everyones expectations. We have a ton of tearing down to do and its a system that stretches across the entire NA continent. We are catching up tho, our big cities definitely are.

in defense of baseball its played by many nationalities thats why its called the world series, unlike your croquet or lacrosse. dont hurt yourself figuring that one out

Watching TV on your computer I can believe that, But Come on now 50% on their cell phones... Thats just unbelievable, The only time Ive seen myself use MoboTV Is when I m in line waiting to get something "Black Friday Lines"... I even things like the iPhone thats a still a stretch

Plus, it was a very tiny sample as well out of 300 million people only a little over 2000 were polled. That means that each surveyed person represents around 144,161 other people.

Well the "World" Series of baseball does include Canada as well as Mexico to a certain extent.

er, isn't the title slightly misleading. It makes out that Americans are more "Wired" then any other country, but by the short paragraph up above, no other countrys were surveyed, making any the observations about being more "wired" rather pointless. Its a bit like calling something a "world series" when they are the only country taking part.

Croquant said,
They mean more wired than they used to be, not more wired than everyone else.

I got that after reading the article, but when you first read the headline I didn't get that idea.