Americans Spend $1,200 A Year On Tech Gadgets

In their annual survey, the Consumer Electronics Association has found that U.S. households are spending an average of $1,200 a year on electronic gadgets; the average home has 25 consumer-electronic devices, with the top five growth sectors being digital video recorders, network routers or hubs, MP3 players, cable modems, and digital cameras. "It's interesting to note here that two of the fastest movers and shakers in the CE industry are devices that enable home networking. The other three products enable consumers to create, shift or transport digital content," said CEA research analyst Elena Caudle. Teenagers spend about $350 a year, which is about half of their total discretionary income, while adults with children and teens spend up to $500 more on CE purchases than the national average.

30% of U.S. households owned a router or hub (8% more than last year), 62% owned a cable modem (6% increase), digital video recorders were in 25% of U.S. households (8% increase) while MP3 player ownership was up 7% to 32% and digital-camera ownership rose to 62% of households. The five most owned products were televisions, 92% of households; DVD players, 84%; cordless phones, 82%; and cellular phones, 76%. Other product categories with significant growth included high-definition TVs, which are in a quarter of U.S. homes.

News source: InformationWeek

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For a average family:

a TV-LCD screen $400
a PC $1000
a Ipod $200
cellphones $500.
pendrive, speakers and such $ 500

total = $2600 / 4 member of the family = $650.

adding another pc (or notebook) : $1000 giving $900 x member.

$1200 x citizen sound a bit high.

only $1200, suppose thats why a lot of games are released as CD versions in the states rather than just DVD like everywhere else

BeLGaRaTh said,
only $1200, suppose thats why a lot of games are released as CD versions in the states rather than just DVD like everywhere else

Optical media is not a "Tech gadget"
That's just software.

Being a college student and all I don't really have $1200 to spend a year on those kinds of things. That being said, that number might actually be a bit low for me, taking into account the last 3 or 4 years :D


I haven't spent that much altogether on gadgets since my first computer back in 1996/7, when EVERYTHING computer related was expensive. I'm not a keep up with the Jones' type person either, like so many others.

I wouldn't class MP3 players, routers, digital cameras or mobiles as keeping up with the Jones' - they are items that have everyday value and are bought based upon an individuals needs. There will always be a tiny minority that have to have the latest top-of-the-range mobile or digital camera but they aren't the people driving these statistics - this is about ownership, not sales.

I bet I spend at least 5x that on average per year. At least looking at the last few years, and the trend will liking increase.