America's Army: Operations and Soldiers

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We've all seen the games that you can play for free – they're often Java-based throwbacks to the 80's arcades, combining lackluster graphics with minimal gameplay. Well, no more. Check out these titles on the way from the U.S. Army.

The first game, America's Army: Soldiers, gives gamers a chance to role-play the Army experience, from signing up at the recruiter to handling basic training to taking their first tour of duty. Players choose the attributes, career path, and goals for their character and apply six different resources to reach each goal (health, strength, knowledge, skills, finances, and popularity).

But the game that has shooter fans signing up is America's Army: Operations. Using a next-generation Unreal engine, this ultra-realistic first-person shooter will contain 20 single- and multiplayer missions with 140 dedicated servers hosted by HomeLAN.

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This Donwload is for Americas Army Recon. Its not the full game but still there is a lot to it.. The full version game will be available to download and or send to you at the end of summer in case anyone was wondering