An anime Internet Explorer heroine comes forth in new video

Microsoft's series of YouTube videos that promote the use of Internet Explorer have ranged from making fun of the earlier versions of the web browser to asking questions like, "Do Twinkies last forever?" Today, the official IE YouTube channel has published yet another unique clip that was made for the Singapore office.

The clip is actually a short anime film, originally made for the Anime Festival Asia 2013, features a girl running in a bombed-out section of a city, and under pursuit by a series or rather nasty robots. At one point, it looks like the automatons have the child in their sights.

We then quickly see the girl transform into an powerful anime heroine, complete with a Microsoft four color logo on the back of her dress and an IE logo for a hair pin. She proceeds to use her newly revealed powers to devastate the robot horde, likely representing malware and infected websites.

While Microsoft's U.S. operations may have uploaded the video to the IE YouTube channel today, the anime mascot, which has the name Aizawa Inori, has actually been around for a few months. It was created by Collateral Damage Studios just as an effort to design an IE mascot. It would appear Microsoft caught wind of their work and decided to turn their fan creation an official IE promotional effort.

Source: IE on YouTube via GeekWire | Image via Collatral Damage Studios

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I only use IE because I'm a software tester for a web-based product, but still, cool video. I would probably watch that if it became a full anime series.

Nanami Madobe is the official OS-tan of Windows 7. She is the first official "OS-tan", in that she is marketed by Microsoft. 7777 Premium bundles of Windows 7 Ultimate DSP sold in Japan include a Madobe Nanami theme pack, complete with sound files and three wallpapers.

Her name is a play on her voice actor's, Nana Mizuki, as well as Windows 7. The Kanji characters in her surname literally translate to "By the window", and her first name is also a play on "Nana", the Japanese word for 7.

In Madobe Nanami no Windows 7 de PC Jisaku Ouen, she is computer store employee.

Nanami has her own Twitter account.

as a Male, it seems you think yourself tougher than a female or you see them below you?

it's obvious you are a ***** hiding in the thought of a tuff guy.

That owned. She totally disposed of all those Androids and blocked the malware with her Windows Defender like a champ.

I like the good ol' anime like Rurouni Kenshin, as long as don't turn the character as a lolita... am ok with this. Also, I'm very sure that Firefox has also her anime maskot... let the battle begin and turn into an epic series

billyea said,
Most of their audience seems to like it actually.

Sure looks that way, judging by the comments on the vide... oh wait.

coderchi said,
I am sure the knew you wanted to troll it. That anime was ****ing off the hook... but I know you wouldn't understand that.

Troll? No. I dislike most anime. It was fun when I was younger but I prefer other types of animation art styles.

shinji257 said,

Oh come on. The japanese have personifications for most things now.

Rubbing it in, eh? I really do hate most anime.

Jaybonaut said,
As if I didn't hate anime enough...

Narrow-minded fool. This is why you get tunnel vision.

I for one, love the east as I love the west. Best of worlds.

zrlan7710 said,

Narrow-minded fool. This is why you get tunnel vision.

I for one, love the east as I love the west. Best of worlds.

Nope; I used to watch it when I was younger. I dislike anime having been exposed to lots and lots of it.

Great - now would she be so kind as to fix the "Reopen last session" and "Start with tabs from last session" options, which have long been broken and which MS seems happy to continue to ignore.

NeoTrunks said,
I've never had a problem with that. Works fine in IE 11 and as far as I can remember, it worked fine in IE 10 as well.

99% times doesn't work for me

Fighting malware with updates
Giving firefox cupcakes
Now with full touch on your Surface

She is the one Sailor...Explorer!
She is the one....Sailor Explorer!