An update on Zune compatibility

From the Windows Vista Blog: Our friend Cesar Menendez from the Zune Insider has posted that the Zune Team will be releasing updated PC software and device firmware today at 10am PDT. You can grab the updated software from at that point. Once you have the new software installed, you should be able to update the firmware on your Zune to version 1.2.

Originally, the Zune Team planned to make this Windows Vista-compatible software available around the same time Windows Vista would be available to the general public (i.e., 30 Jan). It looks like they were able to beat the clock, and just in time for the holidays.

News source: Windows Vista Blog

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If they would only release a firmware update that would:

a) Allow sending of ANYTHING through WiFi.
b) Allow using the Zune as an external harddrive.
c) (Might go with point b) MacOS X/Linux compatibility

i totally agree with nookadum... especially about point "b)" ... as i feel thats a MUST for portable hdd based mp3 players like Zune.... without that it's just tooooo limited.

Quote - nookadum said @ #1.2
If Microsoft can address the issues I've stated above, the Zune will definitely be an iPod video killer.

except you forgot their whole DRM thing... that's the biggest problem, imho.