Analyst: PC buyers will wait for Windows 8.1

Surprise, surprise! In the lead up to Microsoft releasing a new(ish) operating system, an analyst for Sterne Agee, Vijay Rakesh, has suggested that PC buyers will slow in their purchasing of new devices, instead waiting for the refreshed operating system to hit the market. Rakesh predicts that shipments of PCs in June will be down versus last year, citing build orders that are "tracking softer" than expected.

Where have we heard this before? Oh, that's right - before the launch of basically every other Microsoft OS in history. Before Windows 8 was released, PC buyers held back from purchasing new systems knowing that Windows 8 was around the corner, and even Rakesh admits this fact: "We believe similar to the Win8 launch last year in October, which held back PC OEMs and ODMs from aggressively pushing PCs at back-to-school, a Win8.1 refresh could be holding the supply chain back."

Rakesh believes that Windows 8.1 will be released in October, a full year after Windows 8 was released, and until the release comes - complete with concerns of Windows 8 addressed - buyers will hold back during traditional buying periods such as back-to-school. Microsoft has yet to say when Windows 8.1 will be released, aside from the fact a public preview will be launched on June 26th, with more information on the update coming shortly.

Source: PCWorld

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How many people know about "8.1" outside the tech industry!? This Vijay concocted this analysis based on a handful of people who apparently would BOOST the industry as soon as 8.1 lands. BS!!

exactly what I'm thinking. normal people don't know about 8.1. hell, from what I can tell, most people haven't even used a Windows 8 PC yet.

Analysts are as dump as it could get.

PC market is slowing down because people are happy with what they have and moving stuff to a new PC is a big hassle. They are not feeling the urge to upgrade. And I don't blame them.

And who says that Windows 8 requires a new PC? Any PC that can run Windows 7 (in fact, most PCs that can run *Vista*) can run Windows 8 without a quibble. My 8/2012 dual-boot *desktop* is based around Vista-era hardware - the only hardware inside that is from the Windows 7 era are the boot drive for 8 and the GPU, and those are just barely (WD Caviar Green 1TB and VisionTek HD5450 iSilence, respectively).

In the past, most peoples perception that they needed to upgrade a bloated and slow system does not exist as much as since Vista, the Windows OS can run about as effection as the day it was installed, give or take 20%. Couple that with Windows 7 not using as much resources and Vista then 8 not needing as much as even 7, there simply is little reason to update hardware unless it is physically broken.

Add in tablets and its a wash. The industry will settle down and I think hybrids will emerge as the dominate computing device.

I believe customers are waiting for Intel's Haswell machines. Current machines with Win8 should have no problem to upgrade to 8.1 since it is free update.

Do "PC Buyers" KNOW about Windows 8.1 yet?

I'm sure that will improve adoption, but I don't think you can "wait" for something you don't yet know exists...

Have they even asked any consumers? Buying a PC is like buying a washing machine . You buy one when you need one. I seriously doubt anyone is changing their mind because of an OS version.

Exactly this. In the real world outside of tech sites, I know very few people that actually care about the OS their computer runs. They'll replace their PC when their old one is broken or slow, not when Microsoft releases their new OS.

Spicoli said,
Have they even asked any consumers? Buying a PC is like buying a washing machine . You buy one when you need one. I seriously doubt anyone is changing their mind because of an OS version.


True... but I've had a rule (for no real reason) to upgrade my computer every 4 years, since 1997. My new one was due this year, and luckily for me, Surface Pro just came out in the UK!

I can make an educated guess 95% of consumers haven't even heard of Windows 8.1, let alone wait for it. Only a small percentage of people will actually hold off buying a new computer based on the OS. If anything new hardware plays a bigger role, but new software? No.

This is silly. All Windows 8 devices and computers will upgrade to 8.1 for free anyway. I'm skeptical this analyst is correct.

EDIT: Not to mention, as so many others have said, that 99% of consumers haven't even heard about 8.1 yet anyway.

Will the Windows-8 UI mess be truly fixed, i.e., users will be able to choose the UI they want to use? If not, 8.1 will do little to boost Windows-8 sales. Many people will wait until the UI fix is done (Windows-9)...or start looking elsewhere for their next OS.

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