Analyst: RIM to license BlackBerry software to rivals

Could it be a three-in-a-row of drastic measures for BlackBerry makers Research in Motion? A report yesterday suggested co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis would be ousted as co-chairmen of the board. In addition, earlier today a rumour from unnamed sources close to Boy Genius Report suggests RIM will pull everything except for their upcoming BlackBerry 10-based phone, codenamed "London."

The next step, according to Jefferies and Company analyst Peter Misek, would see RIM licensing their software to third parties. The same third parties that, as of now, stand as their chief competitors: those that produce Android phones en masse, with a side order of Windows Phone handsets.

In statements made to Boy Genius Report, Mr. Misek believes this move, being a long-term risk, could prove to be the one that turns the company's fortunes around. How so? He believes that if people are drawn into the BlackBerry ecosystem via third parties, in the short term:

It puts more pressure on [RIM's] hardware business... and may in fact allow them to sell more BB 10 handsets (if they are able to create compelling handsets).

Mr. Misek believes RIM has already begun preliminary negotiations with Samsung and HTC over this manner. How they plan to use RIM's software - in whole or selectively choosing components of the BlackBerry platform - remains to be seen.

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Marcus16 said,
Allow OEMs to integrate BBM into Android and WP7.

That would be an awesome idea, especially for Windows Phone considering the amount of communication methods already built in at the OS level.

I would easily have no problem paying $20 for a top quality WP7 BBM application as long as the notifications are at least as reliable as Exchange Activesync and had lockscreen status indicators. That clearly means native code, but I don't see why it couldn't be done.

As for BlackBerry 10, it's going to need a lot more work if the Playbook OS 2 dev previews are any indication. It's still far too easy to get the OS to crash, freeze, or exhaust the entire 1GB of RAM with just the browser. But at least it shows a lot of promise.

I think RIM needs to drop their crappy OS. Even version 10 isn't up to par with Android or iOS. If they adopt Ice Cream Sandwich or even Windows phone 7 OS with their hardware it would actually be a phone worth looking at

I love the irony in the codename, London, scene of the Summer 2011 riots which were coordinated using BBM!!!

london ,ontario

neo158 said,
I love the irony in the codename, London, scene of the Summer 2011 riots which were coordinated using BBM!!!

thealexweb said,
When the facebook messenger app is available for free on all major platoforms BBM is utterly irreleveant.

Yet most people with a BlackBerry use BBM, your point is?

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