Analyst: Windows 8's ARM support will create new line of low cost laptops

Last January at CES, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 8 would not only support the X86 processors made by Intel and AMD but also chips designed with the architecture made by ARM. Now an analyst has predicted that Windows 8's ARM support will lead to a new line up of laptops that won't cost much and could be a threat to Intel's notebook dominance. reports that IHS-iSuppli analyst Matthew Wilkins predicts that shipments of processors with the ARM design will go much higher and will allow ARM-based laptops to have as much as 22.9 percent of the entire laptop market by 2015. That's up from just 3 percent in 2012. He added that while those laptops will also have other operating systems such as Google's Chrome OS he expects most of those laptops will be running on Microsoft's Windows 8 OS. The asking price for those laptops should be fairly cheap too with Wilkins saying the ARM-based notebooks should sell for below $700.

ARM processors from companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia have already been announced and its likely that those chips when they are ready will be put into the ultra-cheap notebook. All of this might spell trouble for Intel who is by far the biggest supplier of laptop processors. A couple of months ago it announced a new notebook concept called the Ultrabook that would combine light and thin laptops with a long battery life for less than $1,000. The first notebooks built with the Ultrabook concept are scheduled to be released later this year.

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Not just that, but any software that is not using .NET and is native will need to be recompiled to run on the ARM Windows. And I agree these prices are crazy... if they think they are going to push mobil PCs up in price they are nuts. I thought 500 was too much for tablet... but they have touch screen so I'm letting it slide.

These nettops better have touch screens and SD Harddisks and Media card slots. ANd since they probaly will not have optical drives, they better be 600 and under... I think they are going to try to do the Phone company contract bull of putting the pice at 700-800 and then you can get it for 399 with 2 yr contract... you can keep that playerz

True, but looking at my start menu, the only programs I couldn't run are Photoshop CS, Pidgin, and a bunch of games and game related programs. Nothing I'd be too worried about on a non-gaming or secondary machine.

FoxieFoxie said,
In other news: Jaguar announces a budget car for 1.5 million USD.

not much of a budget car when their lowest end car is only $90,000 *lol*

I don't think a $700.00 ARM notebook will be much of a threat to a $200.00 netbook. The local Best Buy already has full blown laptops on sale for $600.00.

Klethron said,
I don't think a $700.00 ARM notebook will be much of a threat to a $200.00 netbook. The local Best Buy already has full blown laptops on sale for $600.00.

No, but a sub $700 thin and light notebook with lots of battery life could probably take on a $700 standard notebook

alexalex said,
$1000 Ultrabook, $700 ARM notebook.. is considered low cost ? Are we all billioneres ?

You're not a Billionaire yet? What went wrong.