Android 1.5 "Cupcake" update released in the UK

T-Mobile's G1 handset users in the UK can finally upgrade their Android OS to version 1.5 with "Cupcake".

The "Cupcake" update has been widely anticipated in the Android community as it brings many essential features previously lacking in the first version of the OS.

It would take an estimated time of a minute to update and would be done automatically by the handset in most cases. The update is said to be 44MB in size and would be pushed to units over the air at random. As of right now, there is no way to trigger the download of the update from the handset. T-Mobile expects to get the update onto all G1 units by the end of May.

Of the many updates that version 1.5 brings, ones that stand out are:

  • On-screen keyboard
  • Video recording
  • Video uploads to Youtube
  • Photo uploads to Picasa
  • Stereo Bluetooth support
  • Better user interface

The entire feature list can be found here.

For users in the US, do not despair. T-Mobile has announced that the update will be rolled out to American units within a week from now.

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As the owner of an AT&T Tilt (another phone with both on screen and physical keyboards), I can say that there are times when the OSK comes in handy due to having the screen remain in portrait instead of landscape mode.

The update is nice, has some requested features to the call log, messaging system, and other various 'asethetic' features in it.

The OSK that people seem to be hating on is pretty good depending on how you use it, like usually 80% of the population that will try it has too large of thumbs to press the key accurately. But like the hardware kb, if you learn to use just the tips of your thumbs, it works great. And YES it is needed for convience, definitely. People that do not own one should not even speak on the matter. There is a search widget that is awesome, and as soon as you click in the search box, the keyboard instantly opens ready for input. That is how it should be, one handed search, not having to open the phone to type it in (I know how lazy that sounds, but its still great convience).

Ive been running the 1.5 since the port from the magic from the amazing magicians at xda, and I would NEVER go back, they did pretty good with it, although I might have to say the overall anticipation for it I dont think was really worth it (sadly, I think they could have done more for how long they have been at this... :\). Though STILL the G1 is the ONLY phone to run it, thats feat right there :D.

Been wating for this update since last year. As it is it's late was supossed to be out within the first 3 months of 09 but that's fine. T-Mobile is slow however on the update which is kinda sad but atleast it's coming

did anyone notice the rediculous decrease of the time it takes for the GPS to find you? If I was lucky it would find me in like 3 minutes. it's a matter of seconds now.

The OSK for the G1 for me has been far more accurate and aesthetically pleasing than that on the iPhone. Ive been running 1.5 on my dev phone for the past several weeks now and have to say that it is by far a huge update in performance and reliability.

i guess that its a matter of personal taste, i tried the G1 after having the iphone and for me it didnt work at all, i dont like using safari but it totally worked better than the browser or even opera mini versions of the G1 and still have the very same faults that the iphone has when it comes to mobile phone functions, yeah but i know that G1 will only get better as for the iphone as much as im a mac lover i know that it only will get more restrictions to what its capable to do.

i live in Poland and use Era G1, and i get update yesterday morning. Now there is Polish language in android which is good for most of Polish users.

if you'd used one, you'd never have said that.

i.e. tweeting something quickly from the homescreen. no need to flip out keyboard, just click, type 128 chars on screen and back into pocket.