Android 4.0 SDK now available

Features, ahoy! Google announced a slew of new features today for the Android platform, which you can read about in depth here. The search (and mobile) giant has pleased developers already.

Developers can get their hands on the mouth watering treats already, over on the Android developers website. The tools can be obtained from the page here

The platform page is jam-packed with highlights, from new facial recognition features to mobile data control, high resolution pictures, sharing enhancements and more. Google took their time with this update to the platform, and has delivered accordingly. The changes for developers are outlined on this page.

It appears that Google really did get their inspiration from Tron: Legacy, with the company uploading a video that showcases the new platform, complete with Android figurines riding light cycles. Cute.

Update‚Äč: It appears the video has since been removed.

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Tech Star said,
How can I run the SDK on my computer to mess around with the UI and stuff?

Download the SDK and run SDK manager if you are a windows user and it would download all the tools needed for the SDK run.... Windows install file might also download Eclipse but i am not sure since i have insalled only the linux version of the SDK.
1. Extract and install the SDK
2. Install eclipse and link the SDK to it.
3. Install the ADT plugin
4.Have fun

Tech Star said,
How can I run the SDK on my computer to mess around with the UI and stuff?

A LMGTFY link would be appropriate here...

WB3000 said,
The 4.0 SDK includes the new Roboto font, which I've uploaded to the link below to save anyone the hassle of grabbing the whole SDK for the new font.

Just installed the font on my Motorola Atrix running CM7. The font is longer than the default so some things look a bit out of whack, obviously due to the resolution ICS will run natively...I'll probably take it back to stock.