Angry Birds flies off of your screen, into a cookbook

Everyone seems to love Rovio’s bird-flinging, pig-smashing game Angry Birds. The game has been downloaded over half a billion times and spawned countless books, shirts, and toys. Now The Guardian is reporting that Rovio has introduced an Angry Birds themed cookbook, just in time for the holidays.

The book, entitled Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes is a collection of 40 different recipes that use eggs as the main ingredient. The book starts out with basic egg cooking techniques before tackling the more advanced recipes like soufflé and quiche. All of the recipes contain funny illustrations of the pigs, making this a great gift for children to begin their culinary training. The book even has a section containing beauty tips that describes how to use eggs to care for a bald head, how to make the bags under your eyes disappear, and how to repair dry skin.

Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes is scheduled to be released on December 13 and is currently selling the book for $10. This title is obviously not for established chefs who already know their way around the kitchen, but appears to be a great whimsical gift for the Angry Birds fan in your life.

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I saw this at Barnes and Noble the other day...obviously not much value if you aren't big on eggs, but some of the recipes looked like they would be pretty tasty.

Angry Birds is a fantastic example of Franchising. (Good franchising? Is it making money?)
If people will by the stuff, keep cramming it out the door.

lomas said,
So, everybody agrees Angry Bird is the best game ever created?

Apparently, because I'm definitely in the minority (people who think it's really not that great of a game). Whoever is doing the marketing and press for this game is a genius though.

Tweaky Nippleton said,
Further proof that Rovio is a one trick pony.

oh please, they've had many other successful projects and unique ideas like........ and ..... also....

Good idea to capitalise from success of Birds while its still popular. Bring on Angry Birds the movie!

qdave said,
Good idea to capitalise from success of Birds while its still popular. Bring on Angry Birds the movie!

I can see it now "Angry Birds: The Movie 3D"

I would actually love to see it in movie form.. they've got varied birds with different "personalities" .. evil mustachioed pigs .. throw in some Pixar/Dreamworks magic, shake, and you've got yourselves a hit.

Surprised it's the one thing they apparently AREN'T doing with the franchise at the moment.