Angry Birds has wings; 1 million downloads in first day on Android

Angry Birds developer Rovio announced today via Twitter that their release of Angry Birds on Google's Android mobile operating system has managed to bring in a massive 1 million downloads in just one day. 

Angry Birds was released for free on Android last Friday and while the servers crashed due to a huge amount of downloads, once they were back up and running users still couldn't get enough of it. Not only is this great news for Rovio, it is also proof, if ever needed, that users of the Google Android OS want more professionally developed games on their hardware.

Gaming uptake on Android has been slow in coming. This is mostly due to the mixture of hardware and the varying versions of the Android operating system. This made it harder for users to get great games on their devices compared to the iPhone. Gameloft pushed out some releases a few months ago like Dungeon Hunter but although their sales are currently unknown, their graphical performance on newer devices has been great. 

Angry Birds can be picked up for free on the Android Market. It is also out now for the iPhone via iTunes and well worth picking up if you haven't already done so. While it hasn't been confirmed, Angry Birds will likely be released in the future on Windows Phone 7.

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Awesome game on iPhone and iPad, my 3 year old son loves it... Good job taking it to Android, hope the marketplace there is as fruitful to them as the app store has been so far!

daniel_rh said,
Is this game that good? Or is it the only good game on the Android?

All phone games are mediocre. People just make a big deal because all the iPhone people like it so much.

Im currently playing this on my Palm Pre Plus aswell, im addicted, I'm suprised they havent got the pay version out aswell, im sure they would of made some serious dollar on that!

If you cannot find it on the Market, it is probably because of one of 2 things...
1. Your phone does not meet the requirements to run Angry Birds.
2. You have a phone firmware that Google does not recognize and thus all Copy Protected Applications are blocked. (Hurray for DRM and Google's inability to maintain the ROM database)

But, there is hope! Try getting Angry Birds from GetJar (Where it was actually released first)

I just bought angry birds a few days ago after reading about it on here, ****ing love it on my iPhone and gf loves it on her iPod and friend loves it on his iPod.

Such a epic game for .99 cents. Im glad android users got it for free but I had no problem paying $.99 for a game with over 100 levels total. I dont how to break it down but you have the first 4 blocks, then the 3 chapters with 21 levels each. Thats amazing. This game was worth the money.

Now, onto cut the rope, Just heard about it from here so downloading it right now, I hope its a good game, sounds like it from all the people recommending it.

Is there a news feed or website that tracks all the apps / games that come out for iDevices?

Wow, just to comment on cut the rope, AWESOME. Bought it just now. These 2 games will keep me busy. Still on block 1 chapter 3 level 14.

I love good games for a great price.

I really do wish it ran better on my Touch Pro 2, but I am still a bit mind-blown that it runs at all. The guys at XDA and PPCG are unbelievably good at what they do.

I'm sure uptake is much higher than 1 million, I for one downloaded it from an alternate site as I am sure others have as well since the main site went down

Subject Delta said,
So much for the argument that there isn't a compelling market for Android gaming!
Sure, if the game is free, apparently.

SHoTTa35 said,
They got another million on day 2!

I just read that at another site aswell... This game is awesome, I hope Rovio will release their next game for Android and iPhone at the same time so us Android gamers don't have to wait a few extra months for our turn... They must've understood that Android has a large gamer crowd by now.

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