Angry Birds is all time best selling iOS App Store app

A few days ago, the 25 billionth app was downloaded from Apple's iOS App Store. To celebrate the occasion, Apple has posted up an iTunes page with a list of both the best selling apps of all time (specific unit and sales figures were not released) along with another list of the most downloaded free apps. Not surprisingly, the number one best selling app from the iOS Store is none other than Angry Birds.

Yes, the mobile gaming phenomenon from Rovio is not only number one on the list but its spin-offs, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, are at number five and number eight on the best selling app list, respectively. The next game in the franchise, Angry Birds Space, is due to be released on March 22. In fact, nine out of the top 10 best selling apps on the list are games along with 17 games out of the top 25.

In the category of most downloaded free apps, the honor of the app at number one goes, again not surprisingly, to the Facebook iOS app. The Pandora app is number two, followed by the free version of the game Words With Friends at number three (the paid version is at number six on the best selling app list). The Skype app and the Weather Channel app take up the number four and five positions on the list. The free version of Angry Birds is at number eight.

Image via Apple

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Only time I got a semi chubby from it was when i played it in eyefinity on a desktop pc, its definitly a hit with the older contemporary crowd (i.e. - mom)

I still don't get it, it wasn't that fun and certainly not original. I think it was just a fad, something that was popular because it was popular to like it.

stfu. said,
Never saw what was so good about Angry Birds games, never found them fun or addictive...

and a movie is rumored to be in the work. the world is full of angry bird shooting nincompoops.

Seems like Google finally spoke about Google Play

Here is the Video

And here is what they say
"With Google Play your entertainment is stored in the cloud and can easily go with you when you're connected or offline. No wires, no hassle. It's how you buy and experience digital entertainment on your Android device and any web browser on any computer. "

Ahmed Nefzaoui said,

No! just shipping the news

Maybe you can use the submit story feature. This doesn't really pertain to the news story here.

I don't like to be mean, but isn't it obvious that Angry Birds has dominated the iOS Appstore. It's everywhere, literally.