Angry Birds Star Wars on top of current paid Windows 8 apps list

Every month, we like to check in to see which paid Windows 8 apps are the most popular on Microsoft's Windows Store. In January, the list showed that the racing game Drift Mania Championship 2 was in the number one slot. That's not the case anymore. A quick check of the official top paid apps in the Windows Store shows that Rovio's hugely popular game, Angry Birds Star Wars, priced at $4.99, is once again on top of the paid Windows 8 app list.

Fruit Ninja, the touch-enabled casual game from developer Halfbrick Studios is now in the second slot on the current top 10 list. The sister game to Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, is currently in the number three position, also priced at $4.99. Fourth place goes this month to another game, the $2.99 puzzle title Doodle God from developer Joybits.

The highest non-game on the paid list is the Windows 8 version of Plex. The popular media streaming app is in fifth place on the list in the Windows Store, priced at $2.99. In sixth place is The Gunstringer, the endless running game from developer Other Ocean Interactive.

In seventh place is Facebook Mobile, a $2.99 third party Facebook app from developer AnKo Software. The app was previously a free download but it's now a paid app with a free trial. However, its high spot on the list shows that people are indeed willing to pay for a Facebook app. PDF Touch, a $2.99 PDF reader that also allows users to annotate documents as if they were using a pen on a piece of paper, is eighth on the list at $2.99

The 9th and 10th place on the paid Windows 8 app list at the moment have two games; the $1.49 Disney game Where's My Water and the $2.99 puzzle game 4 Elements II Special Edition.

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It always makes me wonder why all these android fanboys have to come into an Obvious windows topic just to spout their ****, grow up not everyone likes Google crapware and android.

You have to pay for Angry Birds on Windows 8? - Android Owner

Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? are awesome games

Desktop version of Windows its about I guess, but indeed, rather paying for Angry Birds, lets buy a basic USD 80 android and play whole bunch of angry bird and so many other free games which are paid in Windows platform !!!!

I just finished the demo... it wants me to buy it.. I'm a bit confused though, it says "Once you click buy you won't be able to cancel this purchase!!!"

So... what happens if I click buy? Will it ask me for a debit card? Paypal? I don't wanna click buy until I know what's coming... it's almost scary.... If I can't pay for it and I need to go back, will it harass me?

If it is the first time it will ask you for your payment info (includes Debit Card, Credit Card & Paypal). After entering the values it will save the payment info to your account for your later use. No it wont harass you if you cancel it or close the window. That warning is for payment options where further confirmation on your side is not required.

Thank youuuuu! That was most helpful. Yes today my bank transfers go through, so my debit will be filled up. Yup! Thanks again!