Anonymous launches HackerLeaks, a WikiLeaks for...hackers

Hacker collective Anonymous launched two new information sharing sites earlier in the week. Anonymous' blog states that the hive mind, specifically the subgroup known as the People's Liberation Front, wants to gather leaks from outside sources and share them with the world. The first of the two sites, LocalLeaks, follows the same user submission model as Wikileaks. Anonymous user submissions of leaked information are published and spread to media outlets for public consumption. 

The second of the two sites is HackerLeaks, which is exactly what the name implies. The site invites hackers and data thieves to anonymously submit various pieces of leaked data. The site has already received its first submission in the form of personal documents and information on various Orlando, FL officials. However, this leak was actually posted on LocalLeaks. This is in response the recent arrests of Orlando employees of nonprofit organization Food Not Bombs. Commander X, a member of the hacker group, argues that the site is necessary because the connections for distribution are already in place. He maintains the stance that by simply publishing the information they gather they are not violating any laws.

Whether or not you agree with Anon's AntiSec movement, which includes the now defunct LulzSec group, they've gotten the online world's attention. The security groups for the world's major corporations and governments are surely scrambling to beef up digital defenses and clamp down on security policies, lest the next big leak emanate from behind their walls.

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It stupid "hackers" like these guys who cause you to have to get a new credit card all the time. I just was notified tonight of it, at least the credit card company detected it immediately.

They are nothing but thieves.

So the Government Shuts Down 100s of websites (and or messed with the DNS) yet both Anonymous and Lulzsec websites and "tweeter" accounts are still open.... this has to be fact bullsh!t!

They have already put the Police officers families lives at risk in Arizona. But what does it matter to them, they are aholes.

There is absolutely nothing good that comes out of what they are doing. Its all an excuse/coverup for their crime spree.

"The security groups for the world's major corporations and governments are surely scrambling to beef up digital defenses and clamp down on security policies, lest the next big leak emanate from behind their walls."

And world Governments have them their on their wanted list to be arrested for their crimes. They have already searched the homes of several members of Lulzsec.

What they are doing WILL make things worse for everyones freedom on the internet. This type of thing will also give the Government all the more excuse to regulate the internet, and block certain websites like what this website would be. They (Lulzsec/Anonymous) are complete fools.

We need to add more lithium to the water to calm these people down. They are frakking with the order of things. Game of life? Our secret societies need to stand together.

I don't think they will be releasing every kind of information that they find. Only interesting stuff *to the world*. That, I agree, after all, its wikileaks but they get their intel in the hard way. If so, I entirely support their actions, in the way that well... I agree lol.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I like where this is going. I agreed with and supported Anonymous when they were using direct action in support of freedom of speech. I support the distribution of government or corporate information that effects public policy on sites like Wikileaks because I think too much evil is done in our names.

I think the people associated with Anon. need to be careful to differentiate between legitimate political action and unnecessary vandalism and privacy violations.
However, hacking into databases and disseminating personal information belonging to individuals is wrong and serves no useful purpose, even if those individuals are public figures. Individuals are entitled to privacy and shouldn't be used, unwittingly, as pawns to prove some unknown point.

mdubb559 said,
Great, now Neowin front page will be flooded with HackerLeaks for the next month.


+1, Neowin is now a console port.